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All sorts of monsters and magic-based villains pop out of the woodwork with a unanimity of purpose: to kill the Shadowpact! Nights at the Oblivion Bar will be lonely unless the team figures out what's happening and how to stop it!

In Riverrock Wyoming, Shadowpact has just stopped Stega and her team, Pentacle, from bringing the Sun King back to Earth. They have captured all of the Pentacle team, expect for Stega, but at the price of sending everyone in Riverrock, one year into the future.

After Blue Devil sends Jack of Fire back to Hell, the team takes Bagman, White Rabbit, and Sister Shadow to the Dark Tower. Then after a brief conversation with Coldrake the team heads back to Earth. There they learn everyone thinks they are dead.

Meanwhile in Gotham, Stega wakes Doctor Gotham from his 4 millennium rest. Doctor Gotham orders Stega to use hired killers to dispose of the Shadowpact.

Meanwhile, Blue Devil learns his apartment has been rented and his stuff sold. Ragman learns the Rags 'n' Tags store has been closed. Nightmaster learns his bar has been sold to Eddie Deacon.

Back in Gotham Ragman is ambushed by Blue Moon. He is able to defeat her but learns someone is coming after him and the team.


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