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The second installment of the new title written and illustrated by Bill Willingham (FABLES, DAY OF VENGEANCE)! An entire town is held hostage, and no conventional heroes can rescue's up to the Shadowpact!

Now-Phantom Stranger explains to Witchfire, why she and Rex the Wonder Dog are guarding a dome that has been covering Riverrock WY for the past year.

One Year Ago, under the dome- The team of Shadowpact, whom the Phantom Stranger has teleported inside tries to find their lost teammate Nightshade.

Meanwhile, Pentacle leader, Strega, sensing their presence uses her magic to split up the team of Shadowpact, so that the Pentacle can pick them off one by one. First Bagman ambushes Ragman, sucking him in and attempting to devour the hero. White Rabbit challenges Nightmaster to a duel and defeats him by using his magic blade to put the hero to sleep. Jack of Fire attacks Blue Devil and overpowers his "brother", while Detective Chimp is kidnapped by Karnevil. Enchantress is no match for Strega who, after completing the Murder Hole, transforms the Enchantress into a blob of clay. While all this is going on Nightshade who has been fighting Sister Shadow, in all her shadow forms, is defeated.

A little later- Strega informs the Pentacle that the heroes will be trapped in magic box she has created and they can start the sacrifice. She sends Jack of Fire and Sister Shadow off the collect the first sacrifice. While on this task Sister Shadow realizes Karnevil is missing. This is when it is revealed that Karnevil has Chimp and is preparing to torture the Chimp.


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