Shadowpact #1

    Shadowpact » Shadowpact #1 - Death in a Small Town released by DC Comics on July 2006.

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    Writer/artist Bill Willingham (DAY OF VENGEANCE, FABLES) launches a new series featuring the mismatched magical heroes from DAY OF VENGEANCE as the ragtag band reunites to stand against another menace to our universe! Join Nightmaster, Ragman, Nightshade, Blue Devil, Enchantress and Detective Chimp as they face brand- new villains! Featuring a guest appearances by Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and the Phantom Stranger!

    One year ago- Superman discovers the small town of Riverrock, WY is covered in a magical dome, that he can't break though or see though. Inside the Pentacle watch as Superman is helpless on the other side of their barrier. The leader of the Pentacle, Strega, sends her team to round up the townsfolk and bring them to the square. There she informs the people of Riverrock that her team is doing a magic spell and will need to kill some of the town folk but most will live, as long as everyone corporates.

    Meanwhile outside the dome, Superman has called on the aide of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, who confirms with the ring that the dome is magic. This is when the Phantom Stranger arrives and informs the heroes that the only way to the save the people of Riverrock is with aide from the magic super team, Shadowpact.

    Phantoms Stranger, summons Shadowpact and uses his magic to help them enter the dome, but the feedback from this trick Phantom Stranger is knocked for a loop, leaving the Shadowpact trapped inside.

    Today-Phantom Stranger informs Valda and Rex the Wonder Dog that the dome has been there for a year and Shadowpact has been trapped inside. He puts Valda in charge of watching the dome for 2 weeks while he tends to other matters.

    One Year ago, inside the dome- Shadowpact has teleported inside but are a little worse for wear. Nightshade tries to scout out the area but is ambushed by Sister Shadow, who attacks Nightshade in her shadow ape form.


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