Shadowland: Power Man #3

    Shadowland: Power Man » Shadowland: Power Man #3 - La Casa De Los Santos released by Marvel on December 2010.

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    The Hand has discovered the new Power Man's secret identity! And for violating their edicts, he, his friends, and his family will now be dragged to Shadowland and put to the knife...unless Luke Cage and Iron Fist can save him in time! But does the new Power Man even want to be saved?

    In a dream, an armored Victor comes upon a man at a crossroads. The man calls him Ogoun, a Yoruba deity that presides over fire and war, and Victor refers to him as Eleggua, the Yoruba trickster god. Eleggua offers Victor the two crossroads, “one light and one night”. Victor can’t decide and Eleggua suggests he listen to the crowd of people behind him – “them that’s always with you”.

    Back at his dojo, Iron Fist tries to figure out the new Power Man’s identity because he can absorb chi and may be an unwritten page in “the book of Iron Fist”. Looking through his class roster, he stops on a student named Javier, the only student of his to master the Screaming Eagle Clap, but unfortunately died in the apartment block explosion. Iron Fist suddenly seems to know a connection between Javier and Victor and leaves the dojo. After he leaves, Hand ninjas look at his computer and find that Victor is the survivor from the tenement that Bullseye blew up.

    At Finnegan’s Pub, a scared cop named McManus enters and tells the other crooked cops his story of escape from the Shadowland dungeon. The other cops start to beat him up because they think he’s lying and that he snitched on them while in Shadowland. Cottonmouth and Nightshade appear, and the crooked cops bow down to her.

    At home, Victor gets an e-mail from Nunez saying McManus and the other dirty cops hide their stash in the basement of Finnegan’s. As Victor leaves, he and his mom argue about his dad, and his mom confesses that his dad cheated on her in the past. Victor storms out and as his mom tries to figure out where he’s going, Iron Fist shows up looking for Victor.

    At Finnegan’s, Power Man arrives and finds the crooked cops in the basement. Power Man readies to fight, but finds that his chi powers aren’t available and the cops beat him up. Nightshade tells the cops to hold up because she promised Cottonmouth the kill. She takes Power Man’s shades and sees they aren’t the ones she wanted. She wanted a visor she gave Shades (Power Man’s father, a former member of the Rivals) that “generated optic blasts by pulling bioelectric energy from the environment”. Just as Cottonmouth is about to finish Power Man, Nightshade stops him because a computer reading shows that crystal fragments from Shades’ visor were embedded within Power Man’s skin from the tenement explosion. Nightshade, knowing she can’t recover her shades, instead offers Power Man a job.

    Meanwhile, Sofia runs through the chaos caused by Shadowland and leaves Victor a message telling him that Iron Fist is headed his way. Some Hand ninjas recognize Sofia as a relative of Victor’s and capture her and press her for information.

    Nightshade reveals she sent Victor the e-mail from Nunez and asks for his help in expanding her territory. She asks him to kill Iron Fist, who just showed up. Iron Fist tells Power Man that his powers are based in spirituality (chi) and not technology (the special shades). He tells Victor that when the building exploded, he absorbed the lifeforce of all the people in building with him, including that of one of Iron Fist’s students (Javier), and that is how he can unknowingly use the K’un L’un style of kung fu. Nightshade tells him to ignore Iron Fist and that only her science can help him. She then turns off a dampener that was holding his bioelectric powers down. As Power Man leaps in the air, he tries to decide between the path of light and the path of night.


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     View scans and summary hereThe Good The story’s pacing has been done well, we get the back-story of his father, his death, the conflict between mother and son, a slew of villains of old such as Nightshade and Cottonmouth (whew, its all hear!) New PM also gets tied into existing iron fist mythology setting things up for the already announced Iron Fist Power man series. The Hand gets closer to killing their quarry now that they have his identity and those of his family. The mystery of the na...

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