Shadowland: Power Man #2

    Shadowland: Power Man » Shadowland: Power Man #2 - War in the Neighborhood released by Marvel on November 2010.

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    The war for New York's soul escalates big time when Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on the all-new, all-different Power Man! Who is the kid that can mop the floor with them both? And if that wasn't bad enough, the worst villains from Luke and Danny's past are crawling out of the woodwork en masse to take them on: Cockroach Hamilton! Comanche! Specs! Senor Muerte! Discuss! Stiletto! Why has this flash mob of colorful criminality suddenly swarmed against our heroes -- and what role does it play in the long-term schemes of The Hand?

    AThe book opens with another flashback as Victor Alvarez argues with his father over his parent’s impending divorce. Just as Victor accuses his father of caring about the protest for the apartment building more than his family, the building blows up (due to Bullseye).

    In present day, Victor’s mother comes to talk to him, but realizes he has snuck out. Picking up on the fight from last issue, the new Power Man continues to take on Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A nearby drug dealer recognizes Power Man as the one who took out his crew early last issue. He calls someone he refers to as “D.N.S.”, who summons the Rivals. The fight continues as Power Man absorbs the chi from Iron Fist’s signature punch, much to the surprise of Iron Fist. The Rivals arrive and take on a drained Power Man. Cage and Iron Fist join the fight and beat up several of the Rivals. They are briefly detained by Chemistro’s alchemy gun which allows Power Man to leave the scene. We learn that Power Man is the son of the former Rival member Shades. Cage and Iron Fist can’t pursue him any longer as they must get to Shadowland for Daredevil’s intervention ( SL #2). During the ensuing Shadowland melee, Daredevil removes the ban on killing, prompting the ninjas who were beaten by Power Man (last issue) to plan their revenge.

    At home, Power Man/Victor reveals to his stepsister Sofia that he is Power Man. He confesses to her that he has no idea how he survived the apartment explosion and that he has intense dreams that seem like memories. He makes Sofia promise to keep his secret. His mother then barges in and Sofia tells her Victor was jumped by the Rivals and his mom believes her.

    On Riker’s Island, a voice in a limo talks to a lawyer who tells her that half the Rivals will be released from jail and the other half will have to stay due to warrants. The voice turns out to be Deadly Nightshade (“D.N.S.”), who is in pursuit of Power Man for an item that “Specs” stole from her months ago.


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    New Power Man Tops Luke Cage: Shadowland-Power Man #2 0

    This is exactly what you want from a second issue. This mini is coming to a close but it was packed with action. I like the New Power Man..way better than Luke Cage. I like that he's not so cliche. I like the fact he has an actual costume and that he is a formidable opponent for both Cage and Iron Fist. I like that his dialouge and back story are well written. They don't seem like the usual forced "White Man writing for a Black character" lines. I like the fact that there is history between Cage...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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