Shadowland: Power Man #1

    Shadowland: Power Man » Shadowland: Power Man #1 - Extra Life released by Marvel on October 2010.

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    A new Power-Man has arrived! Who is this mysterious would-be hero and what can he do to oppose Daredevil, leader of the Hand?! Can Luke Cage and Iron Fist intercept the new Power Man before The Hand gets a hold of him? Find out in Shadowland: Power Man #1!

    The series opens with a flashback of Bullseye blowing up the tenement building in Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil #1. As emergency responders arrive, a glowing figure frees itself from the rubble.

    A week later, in an area rife with drug trafficking and prostitution, a pimp pressures a new prostitute to get to work. Hand ninjas appear and attack all criminals in response to Daredevil’s orders to expand his sphere of influence. Just as a ninja is about to disfigure the new prostitute, a new costumed hero calling himself Power Man appears and rescues her, defeats the Hand ninjas, and beats up the criminals. The new Power Man returns the young prostitute to her parents, who hired him to bring her back. The new hero returns to his mother’s apartment after putting on a pizza delivery outfit. The new Power Man is Victor Alvarez – his father died in the tenement explosion while Victor, the glowing figure, was the only one who survived. After gaining his powers, he has offered his skills online as a hero for hire.

    In Iron Fist’s dojo, Hand ninjas approach Iron Fist and accuse him of having a student involved in “costumed adventuring” within Daredevil’s territory. They assume this because the hero used the “Screaming Eagle Clap”, a move that only Iron Fist teaches. Iron Fist looks at a photo and tells them the new hero is not one of his students.

    The new Power Man meets with a man named Nunez who has information on some crooked cops. The man, in a neck brace and sling, tells Power Man that there are five crooked cops (two of whom are named McManus and O’Connor) who dress up in masks and jumpsuits and rob local stores and then remove their uniforms and respond to the alarms they set off. When Nunez tried to tell other policemen, he was beaten. Power Man tells Nunez he’s on the case and that his rate is $50 a day, but Nunez is disappointed that a hero would charge money. As Power Man leaves his meeting, he is confronted by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who got Nunez to contact the new Power Man. Iron Fist wants to know how Power Man knows the K’un L’un style of kung fu. Once he sees that Cage is present, the new Power Man blasts Cage with a punch exclaiming, “this is for my father!”



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    Extra Life 0

    The name Power Man was originally to be known as a former name for the toughened warrior Luke Cage. But as you can clearly see, this situation no longer applies. Straight out of the madness of Shadowland, while old alliances are being renewed or broken, new players step in to make a name for themselves, in which this case, it applies to the newest costumed crimefighter, Victor Alvarez. Can he live up to the Power Man name that he has taken to brand himself with? Get ready for a wall-breaking rev...

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    Shadowland: Power Man Issue 1 0

    If there have been two characters to have grown leaps and bounds in the 2000's, more than anybody else it would be Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Coincidentally these are two of my favorite characters, so seeing their continued presence in the greater Marvel Universe excites me. With the release of Shadowland: Power Man, not only must a high standard be met, but a little part of me is giddy with seeing a book about my favorite Heroes for Hire.   The issue opens with the origin of our new Power Man, a...

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    Review: Shadowland: Power Man #1 0

    A new Power Man arises from the spectre of Shadowland, but his appearence isn't too pleasing to the Hand nor the Heroes for Hire.  The Goo Before anything else, I need to say that the monologue Van Lente gave a newly pimped-out Cottonmouth had to be some of the funniest dialogue I've read in some time. Actually, he keeps the comedy and drama in a pretty skillful balance. I also enjoyed how he was able to make the Hero for Hire concept actually speak to the times, with this new guy listing his ...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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