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Shadow/Moon Knights

     Yet another great Shadowland story arc crossover! Jake (or Steve, it all depends on who you're talking to) seems to finally have everything going in the right direction. He bought a brand new mansion/base of operations, him and Frenchie are teamed-up like the old days with Crawley and Ray backing him up, he has Marlene living with him again

and he seems to have Khonshu and his hunger under control. But  Daredevil wants Moon Knight, so he summons the Profile to get his attention. Khonshu is enraged at Moon Knight for denying him his blood sacrifice and uses this the Profile to find himself a new avatar
in Randall Spector (take a wild guess who's brother he is),
and in turn a new Moon Knight nemesis is introduced with Shadow Knight.
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Shadow Knight calls out Moon Knight by killing people and writing messages to him in blood. Moon Knight takes the bait and heads on over to Shadowland as Jake and bashes in his cab, but instead of Shadow Knight, the Hand shows up to greet him. But where is Shadow Knight? Paying Marlene a little visit. 

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       ART : Let me say that the cover to this comic is one of the best I've seen in awhile.  It is beautiful.     The interior art, though, is a bit..off.  What could have been a truly amazing book gets dropped down a notch because the art is inconsistent and when some characters are portayed during their youth, the reader may not be able to discern exactly who the characters are.   From one page to the next, I had to look back and forth because the artist failed to keep the characters' appearances...

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    When I heard that Moon Knight was gonna be a part of the Shadowland event, I got immediately excited, because I had the utmost faith that Hurwitz could do wonders with the character in that setting. So far, I haven't been let down. It's not perfect, but it's a helluva start. Basically, Steven Grant is the new dominant personality, and he's finally happy. Millionaire by day, Moon Knight by....well, by night, and the father of his love's baby. Unfortunately, Khonshu is not pleased by this. He's lo...

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