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    Misty Knight...The Shroud...Silver Sable...Paladin! As Shadowland continues to spread across New York City, the strange bedfellows finally come together - each struggling to solve the mystery of the Hand murders! The killing spree shows no sign of stopping, but the ninja's latest victim is an unusual choice, and casts doubt among our heroes! Will their differences and mistrust keep them apart? Or can they work together to cut through the mystery before it's too late...and before one of them becomes the next target?       
    At Bobby Fortunado’s apartment, Misty Knight and Paladin begin to fight their way out from Fortunado’s men when Silver Sable arrives and assists with their exit. Sable brings them to a safe house of hers and they all tell their stories. Sable lets Misty know that she was in disguise as a technician in the morgue when Misty looked at Mikey’s wounds last issue, and she had been tracking Misty since then. They all agree that someone is out there killing mobsters and making it appear Daredevil and the Hand were responsible, but they don’t know who it could be. For then, they settle on Mr. Negative, thinking that he may be trying to expand his territory.

    In Manhattan, ninjas dressed in Hand uniforms assault a man returning home with groceries. The Shroud later observes the scene and wonders why the Hand would’ve killed an innocent man. He hears the victim’s name – Dudley Miller – and thinks he may not have been an innocent man after all. The Shroud breaks into a storage unit owned by Dudley Miller and finds large amounts of child pornography. Miller had previously been arrested on suspicion of related charges but got released on a technicality, and someone had bought him to justice.

    Misty Knight discusses the killings and her Mr. Negative theory with Detective Rafe Scarfe, and he disregards the theory in the light of the murder of Dudley Miller, whom Mr. Negative would have no reason to kill. Scarfe suggests that Misty stop her investigation due to her pregnancy and Misty leaves the meeting frustrated. In Chinatown, Paladin shakes down people for information on the Fortunado murders. The Hand interrupt his activities and gain the upper hand on him when the Shroud rescues him and they escape. Elsewhere, Silver Sable hears from an operative there is a connection between the people murdered. Sable attempts to call Misty, but Misty isn’t in the mood to talk. As Misty walks in the city and collects her thoughts, she is ambushed and beaten by two people. As she clutches her stomach, it dawns on her who is behind it all . . .  



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    Things heat up 0

     Summary and scans can be viewed hereThe Good Things ramp up in this issue! Bullets fly, mysteries mount and people bleed! We get good action scenes between Paladin and the hand along with the opening scene where Misty, Paladin and Sable throw down with the gangsters. Nice mystery! Gorgeous cover art! Nice interiors! The Bad My interest is piqued as to who’s behind all this….lets hope it’s not as predictable as Kingpin or Mister Negative because predictability is the death of any good tale...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Misty´s Blood on the Streets 0

    Having a dark/police/gang comic book parallel to the Shadowland main event was a great idea: while the Hand is messing with DD´s mind and taking control all over Hell´s kitchen, a mobster´s war explodes in plain Manhattan Midtown and the Hand is involved, we just don´t know yet the extension of it. Johnston´s narrative and dialogues are quite interesting as he can sustain the suspense while delivering pieces of the plot without revealing completely the trama. Putting together the "heroes from th...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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