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    Silver Sable, Paladin, Misty Knight, The Shroud! Four very different heroes, all ensnared in a mystery spinning out of Shadowland! Is Daredevil using The Hand to kill mobsters untouchable by the law? Or is something even more sinister spreading throughout the city? Each hero approaches the puzzle from a different angle, and now they must race to discover the truth - but The Hand has other ideas, and time is running out! Can this quartet of strange bedfellows put their differences aside and come together before death strikes again? Join writer Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and artist Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a trip down the mean streets of Shadowland!

    Paladin, thinking he shot and injured Shroud at the conclusion of last issue, is fooled by the Shroud who was faking injury. After a short fight, they stop and begin to sort out their stories. Paladin had been hired by Mikey Fortunado (found dead last issue) to kill his brother, Bobby. After Mikey wound up dead, Paladin assumed that Bobby was responsible and went to rob him to recover his fee when he ambushed the Shroud, who had been observing Bobby’s apartment. The Shroud tells Paladin that the Hand was responsible for Mikey’s death, but Paladin is unconvinced that Daredevil would have bothered to have Mikey killed.

    Misty Knight cons her way into the office of the Chief Medical Examiner and examines Mikey Fortunado’s body while another technician is in the morgue with her. Knight finds that Mikey had rohypnol is his blood and observes that his wounds were too sloppy to have been caused by the Hand. Later, the Hand show up in Misty’s office and tell her they did not kill Mikey Fortunado and tell Misty to stop her investigation. Misty calls Bobby Fortunado and tells him he may be in danger. As he talks to Misty, Bobby sees Hand ninjas in his apartment.

    Silver Sable calls her employer to ask about her fee. Her employer states that the job was to bring back her target alive, which she did not do, and he then implies that Sable killed him intentionally, which would harm her reputation. She vows to find who killed her target.

    At Bobby Fortunado’s apartment, Paladin arrives to find Bobby and his men dead. Misty arrives and thinks Paladin killed Bobby. He denies it as more of Bobby’s men show up. They assume Misty and Paladin killed Bobby and train their guns on them.



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     Summary and scans can be viewed hereThe Good Gorgeous Cover art! Love the art! Misty knight has accurately portrayed black features while the rest of the cast is diverse enough that even without colors you can tell who’s on each page. This side story is turning out to be a better read than the main book Shadowland. Paladin, Shroud, Silver Sable and Misty are all headed for collision course with the real killers and also the cross hairs of all the small mobsters still operating in the area...

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