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    Striking from the pages of Shadowland, four cult-favorite heroes rise into the spotlight: Silver Sable…Paladin…Misty Knight...The Shroud! Is a rogue faction of Daredevil's ninjas secretly targeting the mafia? With DD's dark castle looming over the city, has The Man Without Fear finally lost his mind? This twisted murder mystery ensnares a quartet of vastly different operatives--but will it unite them, or place them in each other's crosshairs? Can this controversial crew put aside their differences before a war between The Hand and the mob sets New York ablaze? Join Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a bloody tour down the mean streets of Shadowland!

    The Shroud investigates the murder of Mikey Fortunado, a B-list mobster whose corpse bears the mark of the Hand. The Shroud, distracted by the feeling he is being watched, is startled by Rafe Scarfe and his backup who are investigating the crime scene. He escapes with the aid of his darkforce powers.

    At Knightwing Restorations, Bobby Fortunado tells Misty Knight that Daredevil killed his brother (Mikey). He wants to hire her to find out why Bobby was killed and to let Daredevil know that he won’t take his brother’s death “lying down”. Knight refuses his offer and kicks him out after he issues a thinly veiled threat at her. The Shroud appears and tells Knight that Bobby was telling the truth about his brother’s death and suggests she talk to Daredevil.

    Silver Sable infiltrates a gentleman’s club to get near her bounty, Sergey Bulovic, only to find him dead and bearing the mark of the Hand as well. The club is raided by the police and as Sable escapes, she observes a large explosion at Shadowland.

    Misty Knight visits Rafe Scarfe to ask him about Fortunado’s death. Scarfe admits it appears that the Hand were responsible and he says that the police department was overwhelmed with new homicide cases with the Hand’s signature. Scarfe denies Knight’s request to see Fortunado’s body and she then gets called to join the intervention at Shadowland.

    The Shroud stakes out Bobby Fortunado’s apartment, but still feels someone watching him at the boundary of his perceptions. He appears to be shot and his attacker is revealed to be Paladin.



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    Shadowland: Blood on the Streets Issue 1 0

    Why was this so good? This was supposed to be a waste of money, that's why I had somebody else buy it for me. This wasn't supposed to give me a better understanding of the way NYPD officers and Urban Vigilantes feel about ol' Horn Head at the moment. This was supposed to be my chance to show why all these tie-ins are stupid and we can cut them in half. But hey, if I had to be surprised by something being better than it rightfully should be, I suppose I could be worse off.  The issue starts with ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    I actually care about The Shroud... 0

    Those six words are words I never thought I'd type. To be honest, I've only been vaguely aware of the Shroud's existence as a Marvel character for a lot of years. But this issue changed that in a big way. This issue also featured Silver Sable, and Misty Knight prominently, and they both fill in their roles in a great way, especially Sable, who I feel has always been an underappreciated character. And the reveal of Paladin as, apparently, the main antagonist of this book just seals the deal, as h...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Want a bloody burger? 0

    The story - While DD is running Hell's Kitchen in a thighten leash, Shroud is getting his nose down (and being followed by Paladin) in investigating a murderer of a Fortunado's family member (the mob), suposably by the Hand and Misty gets involved when the Capo goes looking for her help, since she´s a friend of Murdock's (or was) while Silver Sable is trying to finish a contract. That´s all the initial scenario of a mystery in the Shadowland. The Good - Surely the best Shadowland issue so far, ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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