Character » Shadowcatcher appears in 3 issues.

    Master of the dark Obeah arts and shapeshifting enemy of Drew Mcintosh.

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    Born to the maroons of  Jamaica. His birth name was Quaco, the male west African name for Wednesday. He was one of two rulers of the cockpit country alongside his brother Cudjo . As the years went o he delved into the dark magics of Obeah which caused him to have a falling out with his tribe. In the end his brother and the council banished him from the village.
    Left to his own machinations he delved even deeper into the dark Obeah arts and became possessed by them. His physical body transformed to resemble the darkness within.
    He has taken up residence in the Windsor caves where he plots the demise of the maroons, his brother and all the cockpit country.

    Powers and Abilities

    A skilled magic user who can cause a variety of effects and phenomenon. He can suck the souls from any living thing and reanimate the corpse as a zombie servant.


     Known Relatives:   Maroons (ancestors, deceased), Cudjoe (Brother)
    Citizenshp: Jamaican citizenship  
    Place of Birth:
    Marital Status: single
    Occupation: Obeah Man/Sorcerer/ Shapeshifter


    Height: variable
    Weight: variable 
    Eyes: Glowing , Variable
    Hair: Variable


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