Shadow Walker

    Character » Shadow Walker appears in 2 issues.

    Harvest's first recruit assigned to kill Caitlin Fairchild. He appears to possess life draining abilities.

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    Shadow Walker was created by creative team of The Ravagers, writer Howard Mackie and penciller Ian Churchill.

    Current Events

    The first recruit of Harvest, he was fed the colony guard that was supposed to stop Beast Boy from escaping before he was dispatched to kill Caitlin Fairchild. He showed up in Seattle, Washingston and kidnapped Thunder to pressure Lightning into bringing him Fairchild. She did so, but Thunder then escaped and supercharged the tracking devices that had been attached to their suits. Shadow Walker was seemingly destroyed in the process.

    In the past, he frequently tormented Thunder and Lightning and would capture the former to get the latter to do as he pleased.

    Powers and Abilities

    Shadow Walker's entire body is made a dark material that he refers to as his "shadow". He can manipulate his shadow and even separate it from his body. These shadows have vampiric qualities, capable of draining life-force from others to feed himself. He is able use these shadows to ensnare or grab people, extending several large tendrils from himself in any direction. If portions of his shadow are attached to other objects, like the costumes of Harvest's Ravagers, he can use them like a beacon to track down prey.


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