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    Shadow Stalker tries to kill Wolverine's girlfriend

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    Shadow Stalker is a member of a mercenary group called the Mongrels that are employed by a powerful organization called the Red Right Hand that has a personal vendetta against Wolverine. The Mongrels are hired to eliminate certain targets, particularly Wolverine's friends and loved ones. Shadow Stalker and the rest of the Mongrels which include Gunhawk, Sawfist, Cannon Foot and Fire Knives come after Wolverine's girlfriend, Melita Garner at her work in the San Francisco Post building. The Mongrels kill two security guards while Cannon Foot catches Melita's scent. Cannon Foot finds Melita but he gets shot from a Skrull sonic disruptor that Logan gave his girlfriend. Cannon Foot is temporarily down but Melita is being chased by Shadow Stalker when she is struck by a motorcyclist. Shadow Stalker whips her hair and cracks the visor of the helmet with her spiked ball. However, Shadow Stalker is taken down when the motorcyclist rams her into the wall and reveals herself to be Mystique. Melita escapes from the Mongrels with Mystique's help. Gunhawk informs the Red Right Hand that they lost Melita because of Mystique's interference. The Red Right Hand tells Gunhawk and the Mongrels to proceed to their next target in Madripoor.  

    Shadow Stalker and the Mongrels enter the Princess Bar in Madripoor and massacre the bouncers inside. Shadow Stalker promises to kill one man quickly if he kisses her while Gunhawk looks for the target. Gunhawk tells Tyger Tiger that Logan is in hell and burns down a room filled with photos, trinkets, mementos and other important possessions that Wolverine has collected in his lifetime.     

    Wolverine comes after the Red Right Hand after he learned they were the party responsible for sending his spirit to Hell and having his physical body possessed by a demon to come after his loved ones and friends. Wolverine finds the headquarters of the Red Right Hand somewhere in Mexico and is confronted by Cannon Foot. However, Wolverine kills Cannon Foot and tosses his severed foot onto the floor before he comes into conflict with Shadow Stalker. The leather clad beauty rakes her spiked glove into Wolverine's face and tells the mutant that his blood tastes so sweet. Shadow Stalker is a deadly dominatrix that loves inflicting pain and proceeds to tease Wolverine as she draws blood with her spiked ball attached to her hair and deadly gloves. Shadow Stalker would ask for a kiss but Wolverine gnaws at her cheek and slice off her trademark weapon from her hair. The two warriors continue to fight until Wolverine proves victorious and ends up killing Shadow Stalker. 


    Shadow Stalker was created by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes in 2010 and first appeared in Wolverine # 1. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Shadow Stalker is a mercenary equipped with two spiked balls attached to her hair. She can whip her hair around to strike her enemies with the spiked balls. Shadow Stalker also wears gloves laced with tiny spikes on the palm and underneath some fingers. Shadow Stalker is a skilled fighter and quite agile.

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