Character » Shadow-Stalker appears in 12 issues.

    Shadow-Stalker is a talented martial artist who was taught by Sifu Chow and would become Fu Manchu's favorite assassin.

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    Shadow-Stalker is a talented martial artist who was taught by Sifu Chow and would become Fu Manchu's favorite assassin. His trademark ball and chain headpiece makes him truly unorthodox and dangerous. Shadow-Stalker would face Shang Chi in combat but is defeated by the superior martial artist.  
    These two men would meet again when Shang Chi returns to his father's fortress and learn that Sir Denis Nayland Smith was abducted. He learns that there is a war between Fu Manchu and his daughter Fah Lo Suee. Fah Lo Suee is in possession of the ruby eyes and she uses its power to channel her will into others who are weak of spirit. She is trying to build an army of Si-Fan to rival those commanded by Fu Manchu. Suee tells Shang Chi that she needs a strong ally and wants him to join her side. Shang Chi chooses no side which upsets Suee. She claps hers hands and a number of assassins including Shadow-Stalker fills the courtyard. Shang Chi is in a defensive stance when Shadow-Stalker approaches but is shocked when he decides to fight together against Suee. Both martial artist defeat the rest of the assassins and Fah Lo Suee escapes. He tells Shang Chi that together they could rally the Si-Fan and could defeat both Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee. Shang Chi refuses and tells Shadow-Stalker he doesn't seek power, he only seeks peace. Shadow-Stalker leaves Shang Chi in peace at that time but reminds him that their will be no peace in there next meeting. Shadow-Stalker tells Shang that Nayland Smith is located in the dungeons as he walks away.  
    Shadow-Stalker would confront Shang Chi years later in a Chinatown resteraunt in New York. The two would engage in battle where blood is spilled and bones are broken. However, Shang Chi takes advantage when Shadow-Stalker's anger and stupidity clouds his reason and efficiency. Shadow-Stalker attacks Shang Chi with his unusual head weapon and one of his spikes gets stuck in a wooden post. The master of kung fu hits Shadow-Stalker with a fierce, left-handed strike and knocks him out. The current whereabouts of Shadow-Stalker is unknown.  

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