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    Shadow-Slasher is a skilled martial artist that comes to London to challenge Shang Chi in combat.

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     Shadow-Slasher vs Shang-Chi.
     Shadow-Slasher vs Shang-Chi.
    The true identity of the Shadow-Slasher is Xi-Shian Hao and he comes to London from Hong Kong to seek out Shang Chi. He wishes to challenge Shang Chi in combat to prove that he is the best martial artist and vows that Shang Chi will fall. Shadow-Slasher waits for Shang Chi to arrive at Leiko Wu's home after picking up a blind student named Christine. A dagger hits the door, attached with a note declaring a challenge to Shang Chi. Shang Chi knows the Shadow-Slasher is hiding in the park across from Leiko's home and decides to investigate.   
    Shadow-Slasher strikes from the trees and the two martial artist engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat. When Shang Chi begins to gain the upper hand in combat, Shadow-Slasher escapes into a dark alley. Shang Chi gets Christine and they decide to cut through Hyde Park to reach the home of Reston's father. The park is filled with many spectators because they are celebrating the commemoration of the Battle of Hastings. Shadow-Slasher suddenly leaps out from the shadows of the crowd and attacks Shang Chi. Cannon blasts from the celebration disorient Shang Chi and he has a hard time hearing. Shadow-Slasher runs into the woods and seeks shelter in the shadows. Shang Chi carries Christine into the woods and she warns him that Shadow-Slasher is lurking in the trees above. Shang Chi hits Shadow-Slasher with a tree branch and he falls to the ground. Shadow-Slasher slips away and Shang Chi escorts Christine to Reston's home.  
    Shang Chi walks down the street and sees the Shadow-Slasher once more. Xi tells Shang Chi that he will be the best or nothing at all. Shadow-Slasher throws three shurikens at Shang Chi but he blocks them with his wrist bands. Shadow-Slasher then attacks Shang Chi with his nunchuks but they are taken away and used against him. Shang Chi tells Shadow-Slasher that his path has reached a dead end and to go home. Shang Chi also tells Shadow-Slasher to tell his friends and foes that he beat Shang Chi in battle. Shadow-Slasher refuses to fall and lunges at Shang Chi. Shadow-Slasher receives a jump kick in the neck and he is knocked into a pile of garbage cans. As Shang Chi approaches, he notices that his enemy has fled back to the darkness. Shang Chi, Reston and Christine drive many hours to reach Smith's Scottish Castle. Reston begins to pull out Christine's luggage from the back of the car when the Shadow-Slasher pops out with a tire iron. Shang Chi is annoyed by his persistence and knees Xi in the gut. Shang Chi takes the tire iron away and knocks Shadow-Slasher out with a head blow. Reston and Shang Chi deliver Shadow-Slasher to the authorities in London.    


    Shadow-Slasher was created by Doug Moench, Mike Zeck and Gene Day and first appeared in Master of Kung Fu # 98.

    Civil War

    Shadow-Slasher recently encountered the Heroes for Hire during the Civil War saga when he tries to get a new identity, passport, drivers license and plane ticket to leave the country from Vienna. Shadow-Slasher along with other criminals that opposed the Registration Act included: Grindhouse, Shockwave, Goldbug, Equinox, Bloodshed, Kogar and Ghost Maker. They would clash with the Heroes for Hire and are eventually defeated.    


    Shadow-Slasher is a skilled martial artist and uses a variety of weapons that include daggers, shurikens and nunchuks.

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