Shadow Man

    Character » Shadow Man appears in 42 issues.

    A stealthy and powerful ninja themed Robot Master created by Dr. Wily.

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    Shadow Man first appeared in Mega Man 3. He was programmed by Dr. Wily to get revenge on Dr. Light and Mega Man for his previous defeats. He is one of the most agile robot masters in the Mega Man series.

    In the Archie comics series, Shadow Man was built by Ra Moon, not Dr. Wily. Shadow Man is thus created with alien technology. He was one of many Kuiper Droids serving Ra Moon under command of the Stardroids. They were enemies with the Star Marshals, of which Duo is a member, who battles Ra Moon and his creations.

    Powers And Abillities

    • Perfect accuracy
    • Good at sword training and didn't need training at all because he was programmed as a robot.
    • Good agility and can jump heights higher than the stage and up to 10 feet hight

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