Object » Shadow-Cloak appears in 25 issues.

    Magical cloaks given to members of the demon cult Agents of Fortune. Gives the wearers the ability to access dimensional portals.

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    "Look what the cat dragged in"

    These cloaks were given to members of the demon cult Agents of Fortune who served as Reapers of Souls. Shadow-Cloaks open dark dimension from which various weapons from an armory within can be drawn from. They can also be used to travel to other dimensions or send a foe to a pocket dimension by covering them with his cloak.

    One such Cloak was worn by the occultist demoness Vera Gemini also a member of the Agents of Fortune. Utilizing the mental abilities taught to her by the Titaness Moondragon her ally Hellcat used them to steal the cloak from Gemini. Sporting it as a part of her equipment the Defender Hellcat wore this Shadow-Cloak for a time. After finding it more of a nuisance and danger than it was worth Hellcat made the cloak disappear into itself.

    Another ally of the Defenders the Devil-Slayer also wore another Shadow Cloak with identical powers. It is unclear whether there could be more of these cloaks.

    Powers and Attributes

    Shadow Cloaks are enchanted objects which at they're very essence act as a magic portal to wherever its wearer wanted. They are worn as a teleportation cloak which can change its form, could be used to pick up weaponry from extra-dimensional holdings, transport its users and companions to other locations, and lastly to exile enemies to hostile environments never to be seen again.


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