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This was something, alright.

I am not a huge a Milligan fan, like at all. This is my first real attempt to get into his work and you want to know something? I still don't know if he's a world class genius that dares to question everything or a lunatic who's messing with stuff that has no need to be messed with. The art while very good wasn't especially mind blowing. It showed what needed to be shown, but never tried to do more then that. TKe that for what you will. Now when I heard about this book I asked myself "Self, who the hell is Shade?" Which is a pretty reasonable question, I mean, who IS Shade? And apparently he's an alien, stuck in the body of a serial killer, the serial killer who killed the woman's (whom he is traveling with) parents. Yeah, its out there, and the story thrives for it. It quickly questions who really killed JFK (among a few other things), and the answer it provides really does make I've think. That's what is great about this, Milligan accomplishes stuff in 8 pages that'd take lesser writers 300 pages. These issues are filled to the brim with weird ideas and great answers. That said, I do think the relationship between Shade and Kathy (The woman who had her parent's killed by the body shade is in) was a lot more interesting. They just feel so right and it just makes me want to read more and more of just their relationship. And that's when you're doing something right. When a relationship deserves its own ongoing you did it right. Do yourself a favor and see what these stories ate about. They're very, very good.

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