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Can the man from the Meta Zone make sense of America? SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN: THE AMERICAN SCREAM TP collects the first six issues of one of VERTIGO's founding titles, written by Peter Milligan (HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT, X-Force) with art by Chris Bachalo (DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, STEAMPUNK) and Mark Pennington (HELLBLAZER, DEATH: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE) and a cover by Brendan McCarthy (2000 A.D.). And with the VERTIGO X ANNIVERSARY PREVIEW released the same month featuring the first new Shade story in years, now is the perfect time to rediscover this quixotic and timeless character.

This fantastic re-imagining of Shade, The Changing Man — a character created by the legendary Steve Ditko (Amazing Spider-Man) in the 1970s — begins in an explosion of madness as 23-year-old Kathy George relives the horror her parents' deaths. Hoping for a reprieve from the constant nightmares and the ever-present threat of insanity that have hounded her since their deaths, Kathy instead is swept up in Shade's arrival from his home dimension, Meta, into the body of the serial killer who destroyed her life. From there, Kathy and Shade begin a journey into America's collective unconscious as they combat the malevolent force known only as The American Scream.



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Finally Vertigo is collection Peter Milligan's fan favorite series.  This book is intense and you can't just read it one.  This book takes you to Madness and you may not return once you see it.  This re-imaging of Steve Ditko's Shade proved to be one of the reasons for the success of Vertigo.  Vertigo being a mature readers line, the comics had high violence and mature themes.  Peter Milligan, much like Grant Morrison created works that were more then just what we see on the surface.  S...

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This was something, alright. 0

I am not a huge a Milligan fan, like at all. This is my first real attempt to get into his work and you want to know something? I still don't know if he's a world class genius that dares to question everything or a lunatic who's messing with stuff that has no need to be messed with. The art while very good wasn't especially mind blowing. It showed what needed to be shown, but never tried to do more then that. TKe that for what you will. Now when I heard about this book I asked myself "Se...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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