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    Evil organization led by M. Bison

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    Shadaloo (sometimes called "Shadowlaw") is a covert Crime syndicate that poses as the sponsor and host for the Street fighter tournament. In truth it takes part in drug-dealing, genetic manipulation, kidnapping and many other felonies.

    Shadaloo has long been under the investigation of Interpol and the U.S. military. Chun-Li want's Bison for the murder of her father and justice, Guile wants him to take revenge for his murdered friend and air-force buddy Charlie Nash.

    It's highest-ranking members other than Bison are Sagat, Vega and Balrog.

    Bison employ's his so-called "Dolls" as bodyguards, assassins and soldiers. They are young women kidnapped and brainwashed by Bison's psycho power.

    Brazilian comics

    In Brazilian comicsc, written by Alexandre Nagado and Rodrigo de Góes, Shadaloo and Shadow Law are two different organizations, with Shadow Law being a criminal organization created by Vega, Sagat and Balrog after Bison's apparent death.

    Other Media


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    In the 1994 film Street Fighter, Shadaloo is the name of a country in Southeast Asia ruled by dictator M. Bison. Colonel Guile of the Allied Nations commands an invasion of the country with Lt. Cammy, Sgt. T. Hawk and Capt. Sawada.

    In this version, Carlos Blanka is a Brazilian A.N Captain kidnapped by Bison, he is a composite character of Blanka with Guile's friend in the games, Charlie Nash.


    Despite the 1995 Street Fighter animated series being in the same continuity as the film, Shadaloo is a South American country ruled by Sagat.


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