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Gun-toting, Mutinous Frogs! It's the dawn of a new school year for Fuyuki Hinata. As if the stress of starting junior high weren't enough, he must also deal with Sgt. Keroro--the froglike alien with apocalyptic intentions--freeloading in his attic. But if Fuyuki thought the Sergeant was a handful, wait'll he gets a load of the rest of the battalion. Members of the Sarge's lost platoon are starting to surface like a plague of frogs, and not all of them agree with the way that Keroro's been running the invasion. When the gun-crazy Corporal Giroro sees the pampered pet that his superior officer has become, will he take control of the mission?

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter XI: A New Life-Form Attacks!
  • Encounter XII: Battle Royale: Keroro vs. Giroro
  • Encounter XIII:Sergeant Raches the Critical Point
  • Encounter XIV: Top Secret Operations Rally!!
  • Encounter XV: Momoka's Love: A Narrow Escape!
  • Encounter XVI: The Hinatas Ring In A Clean New Year
  • Encounter XVII: Operation: Relative Interception!
  • Encounter XVIII: Operation: Chocolate Shock!
  • Encounter XIX: The 623 Incident!!
  • Encounter XX: A Fourth Visitor
  • Bonus: All About Private Tamama
  • Bonus: All About Corporal Giroro
  • Bonus: Encounter 20.5: Danger! Earth Soldier!!


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Story Arcs

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