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    The Other Best Detective found on Baker Street.

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    Sexton Blake is a master sleuth who lives on Baker Street and with the aid of his young companion Tinker, and a number of others, has solved thousands of crimes, from simple robbery, to murder, all the way to up-ending the plots of would-be world conquerors.  

    First appearing in 1893, Blake is a tall and slim, but broad shouldered man of unknown age but probably, at least in 1893, between 37 and 44.   

    His has dark brown hair that comes down to a deep V on his forehead, and very expressive blue-grey eyes.  

    He has a medical degree, but is not a doctor, owns a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost called the Grey Panther, and is regarded by many as the greatest consulting detective who has ever lived.   

    Blake’s last known recorded case took place in the mid-1950s, while older looking, he did not however appear to have aged all that much, this was never explaned.     


    Sexton Blake was a detective character that first appeared just 6 years after the introduction of Sherlock Holms. Taking his first case in The Halfpenny Marvel #6, on December 20, 1893 in a story called "The Missing Millionaire" by Harry Blyth. 
    That however would not be the end of Sexton Blake, from that time until the late 50s he would appeared in over 3,000 stories written by over 200 authors, as well as in films, on radio, on stage, on television, and in comic book form.    


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