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    WAY Overhyped

    I enjoy a good dick joke as much as the next guy; and while I can't say this series is without potential, I cannot help but disagree with the wash of accolades this book is currently receiving. But let me start with the positive: The concept is outstanding. A unique idea that gives the creative team an enormous amount of latitude with which to explore. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing they're doing - and barely that. The plot of the first five issues has been without any substantial advancement and each issue has focused almost entirely on the backstory of the characters told in flashbacks, interspersed with sex scenes whose only purpose, it seems, are to keep the readers' attention where it would otherwise waver. More specifically - the opening scene in issue #1 that we find our protagonists in is the exact same scene they are in alllllllll the way at the end of issue #4. That's right - that makes for four issues (or roughly 60-70 pages) of backstory flashback. ...Which I could properly stomach if it ended there. Granted, we see the story move forward a sliver in #5, but not without the accompaniment of the same tired device that has pervaded the book thus far. Point of fact: in this issue, our female lead has a flashback of the couple preparing for their big crime (which we catch them in the midst of in issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 - as previously mentioned), wherein we are treated to a flashback within a flashback exploring the background reasons why her male counterpart is so bent upon shitting in the office fauna. So if you're into a story that goes nowhere but backward told in equally mediocre art, this is the title for you. To me, it all plays as a bit adolescent, at best. Taser dildos can only carry a storyline so far, friends.

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