Seward Trainer

    Character » Seward Trainer appears in 56 issues.

    A genius in the fields of biology and genetic engineering as well as a close friend to Ben Reilly, the Scarlett Spider.

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    Dr. Seward Trainer was once employed by the High Evolutionary. He later became an inventor on his own and worked together with Dr. Miles Warren, whom would later become the Jackal. Ashamed of this, he stayed quite about it and started his own lab-research in New York City where he conducted his experiments and science-projects, mostly with notes taken from Dr. Warren. Seward also had a daughter named Carolyn Trainer, whom estranged from his when she became an adult.


    Seward Trainer first appeared in Spider-Man #54 (1995).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Ben Reilly

    After some months in New York, Seward came into contact with Ben Reilly, better known as the Scarlet Spider. The two became good friends and Dr. Trainer became a father figure to Ben. His daughter Carolyn Trainer briefly took the identity of the second Doctor Octopus. This caused a lot of commotion, since Ben and Sewerd where even forced to fight her. Luckily, the two won the day and became closer friends in the process. However, his close ties to Ben and so, Spider-man made him a target to one of Spider-man's biggest foes, the Scarlet Spider.


    Seward in fear of the Gaunt
    Seward in fear of the Gaunt

    At one point, Seward was contacted by the newly returned Norman Osborn, better known as the Green Goblin. He was blackmailed by him and had to participate in a plot to destroy Spider-Man. This had to be done by tampering with the Jackal's research, and Seward's own research. He had learned that Peter Parker was the real deal, and Ben Reily was the clone. Trainer however was told to make it appear like that Peter Parker was in fact the clone and Ben the real Spider-Man. Seward participated in the charade for some time, but eventually wanted to tell Ben and Peter the truth. He died at the hands of the villain Gaunt before he could tell the truth about the whole plan.


    Occupation: Geneticist
    Base: New York City 
    5 ft 10 in
    200 lbs   
    Eyes: Brown    
    Hair: Brown/Grey


    none besides being smart in the field of genetic engineering and Biology. 

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