jonesdeini's Severed #1 - Part One: Nothing Wasted review

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    Silent Creeping...

    12 year old Jack Garron sets out on the road to the American dream, but a nightmare lurks in the horizon.

    The Good

    This is my first exposure to Attila Futaki's art and I must say I was absolutely blown away by it. He truly captures the atmosphere that Snyder's trying set and his models are so expressive and have so much character. Futaki's truly a gifted storyteller and Snyder/Tuft know just when to kill the dialog and just let his work breathe and speak for itself.

    Tonally splitting the story between wide-eyed, optimistic Jack and the sinister Mr. Porter really sets the proper creep factor to this story. Snyder has excelled throughout his career at making audiences feel an overwhelming sense of dread in the most mundane of scenarios. Severed may be one of the best examples of this gift, because from the moment we see Mr. Porter we immediately feel in our guts that something about this man is not right. We can't put our fingers on it, but something primal, childlike within us screams "Run away! Run far, far away!"

    Snyder's one of the best writers out there when it comes to period pieces. Here he captures the untamed, wide open future of Pre-Jazz Age America. Seeing the world through young Jack Garron's eyes really helps to immerse the audience into the time

    Classic Snyder last page.

    The Bad

    Nothing outright frightening has occurred yet in this comic.

    The Verdict

    Buy This Comic!!!

    As it goes in most first issues, the lump sum of this issue is dedicated to establishing the main characters and their world. This is more of the quiet atmosphere building moment before the terror begins, so there are no outright scares. Despite no on panel horror their's a thick miasma of dread and an ever encroaching evil that pervades this issue. This series is off to a great start and I'll definitely be joining Snyder/Tuft/Futaki for the remainder of this ride.

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