Seven Swordsman of the Mist

    Team » Seven Swordsman of the Mist appears in 9 issues.

    This is a group made up of seven of the strongest in the Village of the Mist. They each carry swords.

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    The Seven Swordsmen are a very renowned and powerful group of Mist shinobis who carry swords. To become part of the group one must duel and kill a member, then take his sword. Only then will a person be acknowledged as part of the Seven Swordsman. Each member is shrouded in mystery and in total only three are known: Hoshigaki Kisame, Momoichi Zabuza and Chōjūrō.
    Each of the swordsman is known for carrying a unique sword, each with it's own properties and strengths. Kisame carries the Shamehada, a large, wrapped sword covered in spikes which shaves rather than cuts. The sword is also known for eating chakra, getting excited when tasting a chakra it has a liking to. Kisame has been wielding the sword for such a long period his Chakra levels and that of the sword are identical. Kisame has also shown the ability to merg with his sword, becoming a shark/man hybrid. 
    Zabuza's signature sword is the Kubikiri Hōchō, the giant decapitating carving knife. it's a huge blade with a hole in it and half a hole on its side, the holes serves for decapitating purposes. Zabuza has shown expertise in wielding the giant sword, easily throwing and swinging it around. After the death of Zabuza, the sword has been wielded by Suigetsu Hozuki a young man who trained to become part of the Seven Swordsman. Suigetsu has shown some skill in wielding the blade, but tires after extended use. After Zabuza's death, the sword has been damaged twice. First when fighting the Eight-Tails, Killer Bee and the second when fighting the fourth Raikage. The battle with the fourth left the blade halved, it now resembles a giant butcher knife. It has been shown that the blade repairs itself by sucking up the blood from whoever it cuts and using the iron to repair the damage.

    The third sword revealed so far is the Hiramekarei. Hiramekarei is a double-handled sword wielded by Chōjūrō. It's a large sword in the shape of a flounder wrapped in bandages. The Hiramekarei has two holes in the upper end of the blade that shoot out chakra. The chakra can be formed into a multitude of weapons. Chōjūrō serves as the bodyguard of the Fifth Mizukage and it is implied that Chōjūrō  is relative new to the Seven Swordsman. It is also shown that he tires quickly from using the sword for too long.
    Twin Swords that controlled Lightning first appeared in the Raiga Kurosuk filler  arc. This concept has been somewhat adapted into the mainstream manga. The sword is called ''Kiba'' and is said to be the sharpest balde ever crafted. It has the ability to channel electricity. The sword was unknown for most of the time, but has recently been revealed together with three others. The current wielder of the sword is the undead Ameyuri Ringo, showing much proficiency using it.  

    The helmet splitter, Kabutowari is a combo of a hammer and an axe. The wielder of the sword is the ressurected Jinin Akebino. It is meant to strike an opponent with the axe and then hammer the axe further into the opponent. The axe and hammer are strong enough to break a large sword with ease. This combo is used to bring down any defense and crush the opposition. 
    The sword that looks like a giant needle, is named Nuibari. It's wielder Kushimaru Kuriarare has shown to be fast and skillfull in wielding it. The sword is meant to skewer multiple opponents and then ''sew'' them together using a thick thread. It requires a lot of dexterity, speed and reflexes to wield it, as the wielder is supposed to catch the needle after piercing through an opponent. 
    The final sword is called Homatsu. It's a large sword with a scroll attached to it, better put: it's actually more of a bladed scroll. On the scroll there are several explosive tags. These tags explode on impact, litterally spraying their opponent. The wielder of this sword is Jinpachi Munashi. Jinpach has shown great speed when using the blade as the explosion is also harmful to him.

    A potential candidate for the Seven Swordsman is Suigetsu Hozuki. When he joined Sasuke's team, Hebi, he asked Sasuke if he could go to Zabuza's grave. He took Zabuza's sword and said that the Swordsmen pass their swords to their successors, although he also said that he wanted Kisame's sword so his team thought that he wanted to collect all of the Seven Swordsmen's swords.


     Previous Generation
     Previous Generation

    After Zabuza was ressurected through Orochimaru's Impure World Resurrection, Zabuza and three other deceased Ninjas battled Kakashi and his squad. After an initial scuffle Orochimaru summons an even greater force to aid Zabuza in his battle. He summons the previous Seven Swordsman of the Mist, which were considered the greatest incarnation.
    Ameyuri Ringo - had the Boltsword "Kiba," swords imbued with lighting and are sharper than any other sword. 

    Fuguki Suikazan - had the Greatsword "Samehada," a living sword which devours chakra.

    Jinin Akebino - had the Bluntsword "Kabutowari," capable of crushing any defense.   

    Jinpachi Munashi - had the Blastsword "Homatsu," with an explosive blade.

    Kushimaru Kuriarare - had the Longsword "Nuibari," which pierces and sews enemies together.

    Mangetsu Hozuki - mastered all seven swords, including the Twinsword "Hiramekarei," which forms weapons out of energy.

    Zabuza Momochi - had the Seversword "Kubikiri Bocho," which can restore itself by absorbing blood.


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