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Fawcett Comics & DC Comics

Captain Marvel/Shazam

In the Golden Age of Comic Books, the Seven Deadly Sins were simply referred to as "The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man" in Fawcett Publications' Whiz Comics and in Captain Marvel Adventures. At first they are seen as statues. In one story, King Kull frees them from the Wizard's magic and unleashes them in Fawcett City until they were defeated by Captain Marvel.

Half of the Sin's names were changed for young audiences at the time of the Golden Age.

The Holy BibleFawcett Publications

New 52

When Pandora opened the box that unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins into the world, it was revealed that they originated from Earth-3.

In Geoff John's Shazam co-feature in Justice League, Black Adam unleashes the Sins from human hosts in order to locate the Wizard's new champion. The Sins wreak havoc in Philadelphia and soon possessed Mr. Bryer to form Sabbac.

In Other Media

TV Shows

Batman The Brave & The Bold

The Seven Deadly Sins are still referred as The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.



The Seven Deadly Sins are seen as the secondary antagonists in the 2019 Shazam film. Unlike the original Shazam story from Geoff Johns, the Sins were released by Dr. Sivanna instead of Black Adam.


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