Character » Seth appears in 8 issues.

    A genetically engineered powerhouse designed to overthrow the Authority and enforce the status quo according to the will of his masters.

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    A genetically modified hillbilly created to do the bidding of the "big boys" behind the 7 richest countries in the world. His mother named him Seth Angus Billy Cletus Bubba Jamie Clement Callum Cowie after "her eight brothers who slam-dunked her on that cold Christmas Eve". He single handedly defeated The Authority so they could be replaced by a super team that would do as they were told. Fortunately the Authority was kept alive (though brainwashed and imprisoned) after they were beaten and thanks to Midnighter, were able to get back all they had lost. He was defeated when a baby Jenny Quantum activated the failsafe that had been built into him. He wasn't killed, instead, when he turned back into a normal human, The Doctor turned him into a chicken and left him on a farm where he was raped by several men who may or may not have been his fathers.


    Seth brags about the number of powers he has, saying he has 2,012, though he really only has 1,204, some of which don't even have names. Some of the ones he’s actually shown are: being invulnerable, controlling machines, teleporting, shooting lasers and razorblades, super strength, duplication and telepathy. He has named other powers including: ice-vision, larynx-freezing vision, x-ray strength, rainbow breath, speed-squared, shame-vision and nuclear poop-vision.


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