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    Egyptian god of evil, darkness, chaos and the desert.

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    Seth is an Egyptian god of Chaos, ruler of the afterlife, Isis' brother and he was the trusted advisor of Osiris.


    Seth is the Egyptian god of evil and death. Seth was born of the union of Geb and Nut, and he is therefore one of the older generation of Heliopolitans. His wife Nephyts had no children with him but gave his brother, Osiris, a son, Anubis. Seth began his reign of evil by attacking, murdering, and dismembering his brother Osiris. Osiris was recovered and returned to life by the combined efforts of several of his fellow gods, and Seth fell from the good graces of his fellow Heliopolitans. Eventually, Seth warred with Horus, a battle that cost him his right hand. The two gods battled for centuries until Seth, through deceit, captured Horus, Isis, and Osiris in a mystically sealed pyramid on Earth, where they remained until freed by the Norse god Odin in the 20th Century. While Osiris, Isis, and Horus were imprisoned, Seth began to develop his power base and move toward goal of ending all life in the multiverse. Since he had stolen the mantle of God of Death from Anubis, Seth reasoned that if all the multiverse was dead, then as Lord of the Dead, he would have dominion over all the varying dimensions.

    He found his plans checked time and again by Thor, of the Norse pantheon, often in league with Earth humans such as the Thing or the Avengers. Seth finally succeeded in draining the powers of his fellow Egyptian gods, again by treachery, and so had enough power to make a grand attempt to obliterate the multiverse with his armed legions. One his first stops was Asgard, the home dimension of Thor and Odin. Seth's plans worked well. He had used the luck of the god Bes by absorbing her power and his developed military tactical skills to lead his forces against not only the Asgardians but the meddling Celtic pantheon as well. But Thor, Hogun the Grim, the Black Knight, and a band of people whom Seth had named as the Earth Force made their way into Seth's Black Pyramid, freeing Bes and Odin, whom Seth had also captured. In the final battle at Asgard, Seth assumed the form of a mile-long serpent, dedicated to crushing Odin while Thor battled on against Seth's ally Surtur. Hogun the Grim, with Seth's Death Curse, employed the paralyzed form of the Black Knight, himself cursed to be a living extension of his mystic ebony blade, as a missile weapon against Seth. The Death God vanished, seemingly dead himself, but it was untrue. Seth survived, but had lost a vast array of his powers. He started the Soldiers of the Serpent in an effort to eventually reclaim his lost glory on Earth. One of his main plans is to eliminate all powered heroes from New York so he can reestablish his power base. However, Spider-girl instead battled Seth, despite the fact she was over matched by Seth's power. Spider-girl was able to weaken him enough to allow the various heroes of New York to defeat Seth. He is current imprisoned in a high tech security cell, and his followers have disbanded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Seth has superhuman strength, stamina and agility. He has magical abilities, can absorb other's powers, and knows necromancy. Seth can transform into a giant serpent and can revive after death.


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