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Seth was at one point a high ranking member of the Order of the Knight of Templar, who were dedicated to infiltrating groups and learning all they could, so they could documents the real history. Seth and the original Knight Templar; swore a dark promise to the Egyptian god Thoth, that involved them protecting the Hellbent and in return Thoth would give them all his secrets. Thoth accepted fully knowing that this secrets were too much and the Knight Templar hid this knowledge in the form of the Arcane Archives with the Hellbent in the Hellholes. But that was not enough for Seth, the slowly influence the Hellbent Prime and took several wives, producing powerful descendants, some of this decedents left the Hellholes and reproduce with other humans losing all Hellbent blood, this line produce Moon Knight, Randall Spector along with Jean-Paul DuChamp, making them all share a common ancestor. Using this connection with the Hellbent, Seth hope to gained access to the Arcane Archives. He willingly created the racism that plague the following generations of Hellbent, by teaching his descendants to discriminate between themselves and the lesser half-breed Hellbent. He then promise the lesser half-breed Hellbent that he would liberate them from there tormentors, the Knight Templar. This give Seth an army of loyal soldiers willing to die for his cause, which they saw right and justifiable.

Dream of Grandeur

Seth survived till present time by using the Hellbent and his Knight Templar knowledge, he also formed the Phalkoncorp in hopes of helping him achieve his dreams and also destroying Spectorcorp, those leaving Moon Knight without cash.

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