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    Set leads The Order, a powerful team of super-villains. He wears a mask because his gaze can immobilize all living creatures for up to two hours. However, he is forbidden from using the gaze by his unseen father.

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    The true origins of Set, the leader of The Order is shrouded in mystery. His goals and motivation for worldwide destruction stem from his his unseen father. He has been secretly forming the Order for many, many years as a way to wreak destruction across the world in order to prepare it for his fathers reign of power. Set however was forbidden to use his full spectrum of powers, he has been forced to wear his helmet because his very gaze can immobilize any being for up to two hours. Set has spent decades constructing, and at times rebuilding the Order (which fell on petty jealousy and territory issues) and formulating his plans that would lead to world wide destruction. Set finally brought the Order together and began what seemed like random attacks by villains but his plan culminates in an organized attack that leaves Paris utterly destroyed. Brit ends the devastation by unmasking Set during the height of their battle. Set renders every hero and villain frozen in place while Japandroid confronts Set which results in her temporary destruction. Set then snaps his fingers and leaves the two armies of heroes and villains asleep amongst the ruins of Paris while he wanders away in shame. Though the "rules were broken" Set accepts his punishment which leaves him with nothing but his vow to start anew. Set vows to succeed in his goal no matter how many centuries it takes.

    Set has returned in the latest volume of Guarding the Globe. He is seen "working with" the North Koreans though he seems to be calling the shots.

    Powers & Abilities

    Set's gaze immobilize any living person/being. He is vastly durable and possesses immense strength. He seems to be immortal or his kind has a very long life span. He is a tactical genius whose plans are fleshed out down to the most meticulous of details.


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