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    Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's half brother. He is a full blooded demon who previously sought after his brother's sword, the Tessaiga. He has long since gotten over his obsession with the blade, finally accepting that its power wasn't meant to be his. As his father had always intended, he finally began showing compassion for human kind, allowing him to gain a sword that was purely his, the Bakusaiga.

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    Sesshomaru is the son of Inu no Taishou. Sesshomaru wields the Tenseiga. Since Inu no Taishou is considered to be a daiyōkai (great yōkai), Sesshomaru is a daiyōkai himself. Sesshomara doesn't show emotion and when he does it scares his followers. He doesn't understand why his father, a great demon, would love a mere human.

    Swords of the Father

    Sesshomaru inherited his father's Tenseiga, a sword which that raise 100 people back from the dead with a single swing. At first Sesshomaru coveted InuYasha's inheritance, the powerful Tetsusaiga with the ability to destroy 100 demons with one strike. However, since a barrier was cast around Tetsusaiga, full blooded yōkai cannot wield it without the burning their flesh. Although he knew that he could not touch the sword, Sesshomaru still desired to strip Inuyasha of it. He fought with Inuyasha in their father's grave and by chance, Inuyasha transformed the blade and hacked off Sesshomaru's left arm. He has since lost the desire to obtain Tetsusaiga.


    Sesshomaru's followers include Jaken, an imp who serves as Sesshomaru's retainer and usually wields his Staff of Two Heads for him. Jaken usually refers to Sesshomaru as Lord Sesshomaru, showing a certain respect for his master. A young girl named Rin, whom he resurrected in compassion, also travels with Sesshomaru. He treats her like his own child and is very protective of her. He is joined by Kohaku, Sango's younger brother, after Sesshomaru saves him. Finally there's Ah-Un, a two-headed dragon whom Sesshomaru uses for transportation.


    Sesshomaru usually displays a cold, emotionless demeanor. Though he is NOT heartless and merciless, he lets his actions speak for him instead of words. At the beginning of the series he is introduced to be cold-hearted and mercy-less; but as the story goes by, he is dramatically changed by a little orphan girl called Rin. Sesshomaru shows compassion and a fatherly love to the child.


    Sesshomaru possesses many superhuman abilities due to his full-blood yōkai history. He has strength, speed, senses, and reflexes much greater than any human and most other yōkai. He also has displayed strength at a higher level to that of his brother, InuYasha, using only a single arm. He is also immune to all diseases that would otherwise sicken or kill humans or weak yōkai. Sesshomaru has a resistance to both holy and divine powers as well as demonic powers. He has the ability to fly or float by riding on a sparkling cloud of dust. He can also teleports by morphing into a ball of energy to move himself and other material over long distances very quickly. Sesshomaru is shown to possess a vast intellect that he has gained over his hundreds of years of existence.


    Poison Claw

    Sesshomaru's claws release deadly acidic poison which can melt flesh. Sometimes he uses it like Inuyasha uses his Iron Reaper, Soul Stealer, but he can also use it in the form of a green attack that looks like he’s spraying acid.

    Light Whip

    Sesshomaru generates a thin, whip-like strand of yellow energy from his fingertips that can slice through almost anything. The whip also displays the characteristics a of poison due to the burning effect it has on contact, possibly an extension of his claw attack.


    Soryuha (Translated = Azure Dragon Wave) Is a attack that is exclusive to the InuYasha films. This attack can be unleashed using either Tenseiga or Tokijin as a conduit. This attack has taken the form of thick arcs of blue lightning that strike the earth and carry their destructive force to Sesshomaru's foe but is has also been seen taking the shape of a dragon right before destroying the adversary. This attack is speculated to be a direct output of Sesshomaru's demonic energy as both Tenseiga and Tokijin have performed it.


    Humanoid Form

    He has a blue crescent on his forehead; Sesshomaru also has two red stripes on each cheek along with stripes on his eyelids and the sides of his wrists. Most of the time, Sesshomaru appears in this form both in the manga and in the anime.

    True Form

    The original form of Sesshomaru is a giant white dog with similar markings to those he has in his humanoid form. Several times during the manga and anime when he becomes angry, badly injured or unable to defeat his opponent, his features can be observed shifting slightly, resembling his alternate form. His eyes become red and the features and markings on his face begin to elongate.


    Sesshomaru has possessed various weapons, including the Tenseiga, given to him by his father and Tokijin, forged for him by a sword smith named Kajimbo. He has also recently acquired the Bakusaiga


    Tenseiga (also known as 'The Heavenly Fang') is a sword with the ability to revive the dead. It does this by allowing Sesshomaru to see the imps that take away the souls of the dead so that he may cut them with Tenseiga. In extreme cases, the Tenseiga also protects Sesshomaru from potentially deadly attacks. When in use, the Tenseiga emits a blue aura. Later in the manga, the Tenseiga is reforged by Tōtōsai in order to become a weapon, allowing Sesshomaru to use the Meidou Zangetsuha. It was recently revealed that the Tenseiga is merely a cast off weapon of the Tessaiga, though exactly why, when, and how is currently unknown. Recently, Sesshomaru discarded the sword by throwing it into the Meidou and its Meidou Zangetsuha ability was absorbed by the Tessaiga, making the Tenseiga only a healing sword once again.

    The Meidou Zangetsuha allows the Tenseiga to send enemies directly to the land of the dead as well as its previous resurrection power. Tenseiga allows its user to cut open the boundary that separates the worlds of the living and the dead. A dark arc is formed in which it "cuts" the enemy in a sense and sends it to the after life. Sesshomaru performed this attack successfully on his first attempt which surprised Tōtōsai. In the beginning, the fissure was only crescent moon shaped. As the technique is perfected the arc will become closer to a circle which will be able to send the entire body of an enemy to hell.


    Tōkijin is a sword crafted by the evil sword smith Kaijinbō using the fangs of Goshinki as part of Sesshomaru's continued efforts to obtain Tessaiga or a sword that can rival it. Tokijin can fire off extremely powerful blasts of pure evil energy, but because it is filled with Goshinki's hate, only Sesshomaru can wield it without being controlled by it. Tōkijin can be used to push back and hurt an enemy with a powerful pinkish-purple aura, generated as the manifestation of pure hatred. It can also be used to slash at an opponent either directly or with kenatsu, and, like Tenseiga, can perform Sōryūha - however, being "only an oni's fang," Tōkijin initially could not withstand repeated uses of Sōryūha the way that Tenseiga could. During a recent arc of the manga, Sesshomaru broke Tōkijin while battling Mōryōmaru, and afterwards abandoned the broken pieces. Instead he searched for a replacement which he found in the Meidou Zangetsuha ability of his Tenseiga.

    Kenatsu (Translated as Sword Pressure) is Tōkijin's ability project energy in order to harm enemies without physical contact. In the beginning, it appears as a rain of needle-like energy which deals moderate damage to opponents. Later, as Sesshomaru fully masters this blade, he releases it as a blue wave of energy which completely disintegrates an adversary. The level of power of this attack depends on how Sesshomaru unleashes it. Mos of the time it fires blue beams of light, and when Sesshomaru uses it to it's its full potential it is unleashed in the form of parallel trails blue of energy similar to how InuYasha’s Wind Scar is released.


    Recently acquired be Sesshomaru, Bakusaiga first appeared during Sesshomaru's fight with Magatsuhi, an offspring of Naraku. When Sesshomaru regenerates his left arm the sword appears in its grasp, formed by his own daiyokai power. His ability to summon and use the sword shows that he has at last lost his previous desire and attachment to InuYasha's Tessaiga. Totousai notes that this also means Sesshomaru has finally surpassed his father, this and the previous tests being a kind of rite of passage. The sword seems to be able to continually deteriorate the flesh of anything it slices, stopping abilities such as regeneration.

    Staff of Two Heads

    The Staff of Heads is also called the Staff of Skulls or Two-Headed Staff. It can locate Sesshomaru's father's grave or perhaps Tessaiga itself, as well as shoot streams of flame, and is usually handled by his assistant Jaken. Also, it is seen that the staff can be used to summon yōkai.


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