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    Serpentor is an artificial being created by Dr. Mindbender to lead the terrorist organization, COBRA. Serpentor's genetic material came from some of the most notorious leaders in history.

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    COBRA scoured the globe to get remnants of Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Vlad Tepes, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Rasputin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Marvel Universe

    Serpentor was created in the same manner but was never intended to replace Cobra Commander. He was to be more of an iconic figure to inspire the troops. The plan was that Cobra Commander would remain in power.

    During an attack by G.I. Joe on the Cobra base in Springfield Serpentor led a counterattack and risked his life to save a single Cobra solider. He then gave orders and did actions that led to ensuring the safety of many other soldiers. Word of these actions spread quickly through the ranks and inspired great loyalty among Cobra troops.

    Serpentor would have on going power struggles with some of the key Cobra leaders such as Zartan and the Baroness and at first even Cobra Commander himself. His rivalry with Cobra Commander doesn't last long. They eventually work out their problems and work together until the imposter Fred VII takes Cobra Commanders place without the knowledge of the other Cobra leaders. Fred VII takes an immediate dislike to Serpentor and the two are at odds. This eventually leads to the Cobra civil war. The U.S. government decides to support Serpentor and sends G.I. Joe to back up his troops. They justified this action by stating that Cobra Commander was a Dictator and Serpentor was more of a Monarch and would be easier to deal with. Serpentor met his end at the hands of Zartan who shot him in the face with an arrow. Dr. Mindbender placed Serpentor's body in cold storage for scientific research. Serpentor would eventually return before the end of the series.

    Devil's Due Press

    G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: The Art of War

    The Serpent Organic Robot, or Serpent O.R. was created by the U.S. military using the remains of Megatron. Serpentor O.R. was programmed With the strategic knowledge of humanity's greatest warriors. He was also created with a bulletproof casing and the ability to use metallic "tentacles" to fight or take control of machinery. After the existence of Serpent O.R.'s was leaked to Cobra, Cobra Commander infiltrated Area 52 and activated the android to use it for himself. However, Serpent O.R. had access to Megatron's memories of when he was kept as a slave by Cobra Commander. Serpent O.R. then tried to kill Cobra Commander and his soldiers. He eventually had a mechanism placed on his neck by Zartan so that Cobra could control him. While it allowed Cobra to be in command it failed to affect the hunger for power given to Serpent O.R. by Megatron's programming. After breaking free from Cobra, Serpent O.R. claimed himself the "Son of Megatron", donned his armor, and used Soundwave's deactivated head to learn about the history of Cybertron.


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