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Major Story Arcs

Time Masters: Vanishing Point

Serhatuu's actions of taking a nearby village's crops, had brought them to hiring Claw to bring him down. On the way, Claw happens upon the stranded Rip Hunter and they both go to Serhattu's castle where his pet ensnares them and brings them to him. Serhatuu's pet then reads the time-travelling mind of Rip and shows its master its findings in his mystic pool. Using these findings, the sorceress Skyle, a dimension away, is able to finally join him, bringing with her Booster Gold, Starfire, Superman, and Hal Jordan, who are then imprisoned with Rip and Claw. Then, Serhatuu and Skyle travel to the Manhattan Project,1945 to harness the power of the atomic bomb being tested. As they are about to reach the bomb they find out Superman has escaped when he swoops them up just as the bomb explodes. Superman flies them over to where the rest of the escapees are located. Rip, then, transports the group back to Serhatuu's time where he finds his castle, pet, and pool have been destroyed. Booster snaps his magic staff and Serhatuu and Skyle are then left, homeless and defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Serhatuu has control of magic, which he can channel out of his staff as energy blasts. Given a powerful enough power source he can cast spells that can reach across time and space. His pet has the ability to read and influence the minds of those it has ensnared. It can also send what it sees to Serhatuu's mystic pool, which can be used as a time window and time portal.

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