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Sergeant Francis Tork is an NYPD Police sergeant who is known for his no-nonsense attitude. Because of his profession, he became close friends with a number or New York-based superheroes.


Sergeant Tork was created by Christopher Priest and Paul Smith and first appeared in The Falcon issue 1 (1983).

Major Story Arcs


In his first appearance he met and teamed up with the Falcon.

With the Black Panther

Tork later became close allies to the Black Panther. He even saved the Black Panther uniform when T'Challa briefly stoped his career as a superhero. Sergeant Tork worked at his police deparment and became close friends with a colleague named Kasper Cole.

Not before long, Cole found the costume that Tork was safe keeping for T´Challa. Cole took the costume and the name of the identity of the Black Panther and later the White Tiger. First Tork was furious at Cole for taking the costume and breaking his trust, but after some time Tork became Cole´s mentor.

Tork was believed to have been killed by his agents of his crooked Police chief. Cole was furious and tried to avenge his former mentor, in which he succeeded. In that time Cole had visions of Tork, this appearance aiding him and giving him tips on how to defeat his foes. At the end of the story line it turned out Tork had faked his own death to go into hiding, and the `visions´ Cole had of his mentor, was actually a scrambler through which Tork comunicated with Cole. He remains a Sergeant at NYPD and remains a trusted sight for many heroes.


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