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    "D-Day Dawson" takes a bullet near the heart on D-Day, but chooses to fight on. How long can a "dead man" live?

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    Steve Dawson takes a bullet near the heart during the D-Day Landings in June 1944. Evacuated to a hospital ship, he is told that the bullet can't be removed and will kill him within a year. He is about to be sent home when the ship is hit. As the only survivor, he chooses to keep his secret and go back to the fight.

    Dawson, considering himself a "dead man" takes extreme risks to protect his squad - which can't always keep them safe, particularly when they try to emulate his bravery. He also has episodes of dizziness and catatonia as a result of the bullet, which cause danger of his secret being revealed - his greatest fear being that he will be sent home to die quietly.

    Of course, this never happens, though it seems like it might when he is awarded a Victoria Cross for bravery and forced to take a spell away from the front lines.

    D-Day Dawson is the first story in the first issue of Battle and spent most of its run as the opener. Rested for a few issues, our hero finally goes out in Battle 99.


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