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    Seargent Avery Johnson is one of the many soldiers who fought alongside the Master Chief during the Human Covenant War, and also Master Chief's best friend.

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    Sergeant Johnson was a Human senior officer, and less commonly known, was also a SPARTAN-I, and served in the UNSC as a Marine. He served in the Insurrectionists war and the Human-Covenant war. Johnson played vital roles in the Halo series and was a close friend of Master Chief. He had a major role in the alliance of the Elites and Humans, and survived the initial Flood infestation(s) in Novemer 2552. He had numerous awards, including being honored twice by Admiral Sir Terrence Hood.

    Current Events

    Sergeant Johnson has appeared in numerous Halo video games and comic books.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sergeant Johnson is at peak physical shape (perhaps slightly beyond due to his SPARTAN-I program enhancements) despite his age. The SPARTAN-I program slowed down his aging, or at least the aging effects drastically, and he is immune to the Flood infestations, so it is inferred that he is also immune to most diseases. He is also an expert marksman and soldier, and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, thanks to his years of training and combat experience in the UNSC. He, unlike most UNSC soldiers and some ODST's, could take on numerous numbers of Covenant, Insurrectionists, and Flood alike without having much casualties/injuries.


    He was best known for his typical "gung-ho" attitude towards life, personal goals, and as a leader to his fellow Marines. This earned him a reputation, respect, and admiration from his subordinates and superiors alike. However, his eccentric behavior took a liking to flip music, a style of music similar to the heavy metal from the 21st century. Avery Johnson is also noted as being one of a select few outside of the SPARTAN-II program to befriend Master Chief , whom he fought alongside multiple times throughout the final months of the Human-Covenant War; ultimately dying in his arms after being critically injured by Guilty Spark.

    Physical Description

    Hair ColorBlack
    Eye ColorBrown
    DeathNovember 17, 2552 (Age 82)


    Halo : Combat Evolved (Video Game)

    Halo 2 (Video Game)

    Halo 3 (Video Game)

    Halo : Reach

    Halo : Contact Harvest

    Halo : Fall of Reach (Novel)

    Halo : First Strike (Novel)

    Halo : The Flood (Novel)

    Halo : Evolutions (Novel)

    Halo: Uprising (Comic Book)

    Halo: Fall of Reach - Boot Camp (Comic Book)

    Halo: Fall Of Reach - Covenant (Comic Book)

    Halo: Helljumper (Comic Book)

    Halo: Fall Of Reach - Invasion (Comic Book)

    Halo Encyclopedia (Guide to Halo Universe)

    Halo Graphic Novel


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