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    Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Velasquez Garcia was a Zorro supporting character originating in Walt Disney's live-action television series "Zorro" (1957-1959). He was portrayed by actor Henry Calvin (1918-1975). The character was a comedic foil for Zorro and his alter ego, Don Diego De La Vega. Sometimes a friend (especially to Diego), sometimes a reluctant foe, Garcia is constantly outwitted by other characters, and is often his own worst enemy due to his weakness for food and drink. Calvin's rich baritone voice also contributed to a number of musical interludes over the course of the series, singing everything from drinking songs to a serenade, and even a duet with Annete Funicello in one episode. After the series ended due to a contract dispute with ABC, Calvin reprised the role of Garcia in all four Zorro stories that aired as part of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" in 1960 and 1961.

    According to assesments of Garcia by other characters of the series: At heart Garcia is just a child .All he really wants is to stay in the army. His idea of a grand retirement is to own a tavern, not be a haciendado. He would probably be happiest staying in the army and dying with his boots on. Military life is all he has ever really known. He can most often be found "inspecting the tavern".


    Sergeant Garcia replaces Sergeant Pedro Gonzales, created by Johnston McCulley.


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