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Early Life


At the age of twelve, Jean-Yves' family was murdered by the Jamaican Posse. Upon witnessing their death, Jean-Yves' latent spb abilities manifested, spelling the demise of the Posse assailants . Fearing for his life, a close friend of his family sent him to live with his godparents in Brooklyn, NY. There he would spend the remainder of his teenage years.

CIA and Beyond


After graduating high school, Jean-Yves joined the C.I.A. where he'd put his special abilities to use, but after several years of service he was disavowed due to his short fuse and inability to work with other field operatives. Since then he has taken the alias Serge and made his talents available to anyone who could afford him. Serge is premier a gun for hire, who primarily works as a bodyguard or avenger for those who have been done an injustice.



When Backlash and Taboo were trying to clear Taboo's name they were led to a former associate Dr. Branum who had hired Serge to defend him. Along with his partner Mahkinot they were able to fend off the team with ease, until a common enemy forced them to pair up since they both needed Branum alive. Until then Serge was easily standing toe-to-toe with Backlash a rather difficult opponent to most. When the enemies overpowering them and Backlash down they needed to retreat. Serge carried Backlash to his ship and helped Reed and him escape the incoming attacks. Unfourtunately they were overpowered and captured by a vampiric alien named Lilitu of Sumeria. She forced him under her control and he helped restrain Taboo so she could take part in a ceremony. When Backlash returned form the dead he fought and freed Serge. After they defeated the vampires Backlash returned Serge back to his ship.



Years later Jean found himself in a club being attacked by someone in armor similar to Taboo's, he called Backlash and when they showed up he greeted them with stakes and crucifixes. It turned out Lilitu had returned to again try and claim Calibus's power. This time she had both symbiotic armors, Taboo's and the one who attacked Serge. It was up to Backlash, Jodi, Taboo, and Serge to keep her from getting this power and fighting off hordes of vampires. It turned out Calibus did not want Lilitu to have his power so he instead gave them to Taboo, tilting the odds in the teams favor. With this power boost the team defeated Lilitu a second and hopefully last time and the team parted ways with Serge.

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