Movie » Serenity released on September 30, 2005.

    After the cancellation of the TV show, Firefly is revived as Serenity! The gang including Mal, Zoe and River are back for another mission that is more explosive and exciting than before!

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    TV series Firefly was created by Joss Whedon, popular creator-scribe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel television series, Firefly television series was cancelled by Fox midway through its first season, but the series was released on DVD, and became a cult classic. Hence, the movie was born given the built fan base.

    I watched Serenity before I ever heard about Firefly series, and I remember my first impression. I think Serenity is a satisfyingly good sci-fi movie which can stand alone. It will take some getting used to the characters, but soon you'll start enjoying the movie.

    So what it Serenity about? Imagine Star Wars without aliens and the Force and a world where the Rebellion lost. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) is one of the survivors of the war. He lost faith after losing too many good men in the battle at Serenity Valley, and now only believes in his ship, old Firefly class transport, and his crew - first mate Zoe; her husband/pilot Wash ; ships mechanic Kaylee, the most cheerful preson in the Universe; the hired gun Jayne (better not to mention that "Jayne is girl's name" when he is around); and two fugitives - talented doctor Simon Tam and his sister River Tam, the former government experiment

    While the unique crew flies from planet to planet, doing odd jobs and dodging the government, they learn that River is harboring a dangerous secret, and there are people who will stop at nothing to silence her....

    The production sets, though most are CGI, are really very pretty to look at, and the advanced world they live in, is an amalgamation of American and Chinese, so much so that the characters also spout Chinese phrases. There are memorable moments in the movie, I liked action scenes, especially River's last battle battle with the Reavers.

    I can guarantee that after watching the movie you may start looking for Firefly TV series.

    Rating : 9 out of 10

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