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Evil Ernie

Under Purgatori's orders, Savior had conned Evil Ernie into being the subject of a dark ritual, which would leave him vulnerable to Purgatori's power. Serendipity attempts to enter into his mind and take control of him, but unfortunately for her his mind was too strong and corrupted, and she was trapped. She later escapes, and Evil Ernie is subdued only momentarily by Purgatori. He soon overcomes her grip on him, and Serendipity is forced to flee with Savior and Slaughterhouse.

The Omen

Serendipity returns as one of Savior's forces in CODA. She attacks Voodoo Childe in a club where Vex and Oblivia fight, keeping her from interfering, and Voodoo Childe notices how dark and evil her power is. Serepndipity then then helps to kidnap Vex. While Vex is under Savior's care, Serendipity because increasingly jealous of Savior's fascination with her, and believes she will be replaced. She instead decides to take comfort in Eddy, one of Savior's messengers, and abducts him with the help of her brother Slaughterhouse. Once tied up in her bed, she tells him she wants his scar for her collection, and delves into his mind, where Eddy becomes overwhelmingly terrified of her. He is freed when pieces of Vex's chaotic power hits her, and she becomes lost in the ecstasy of the dark power. When Vex chooses to join Savior, Serendipity goes out to mislead Rip, and takes control of his mind with intent to kill Morgan Gallows.

Voodoo Childe forces her out of Rip's head and Serendipity realizes the true extent of Voodoo Childe's power. She then finds Slaughterhouse unconscious and enters him to wake him and to ensure his survival. Vex and Savior attack Gallows, but Oblivia's power knocks them all out, and they escape.


During Armageddon, Serendipity joins Savior on his pilgrimage to the "one true god". Armageddon kills Savior, along with his followers, but Serendipity psychomorphs away from the energy blast and escapes. Vex, who was the daughter of chaos, is attacked by Armageddon, but Serendipity shields her, and asks for her help in killing Armageddon. Vex agrees, and uses her power to attack Armageddon's body, while Serendipity attempts to cleanse the mind. Vex uses up her power and falls to her death, and Armageddon's tainted soul corrupts Serendipity's body, killing her.

After Oblivia destroys Armageddon and he unleashes his wave of Chaos, Savior is reborn, along with CODA, and attempts to raise Lucifer. It is unclear if Serendipity also returned alongside him.


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