Character » Seraph appears in 28 issues.

    An Israeli school teacher, granted biblical powers.

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    Seraph is a schoolteacher from Israel who uses his divinely based powers to battle alongside the Global Guardians.


    Seraph was created to serve as a representative for Israel in the Global Guardians.

    Character Evolution

    Has generally served as a background or supporting character through his history.

    Major Story Arcs

    He is a long standing member of the Global Guardians and his adventures have generally followed theirs. He has battled against Fain Y’Onia and against Queen Bee in Bialya. He is last overseeing the treatment of his friend Tuatara who is in a coma.

    Powers and Abilities

    His powers are both partially innate (the strength of Samson which resides in his hair) and partially with his equipment (the Ring of Solomon and the Mantle of Elijah.) He is able to request miracles such as the stopping of time.

    Seraph is also in possession of the Staff of Moses which allows him to part water and it can transform into a snake.


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