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    Serafina of the Children of the Vault, a supervillain group, possessed a wide range of abilities.

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    X-Men Legacy 240
    X-Men Legacy 240

    Like the other Children of the Vault, Serafina is not a Homo superior (mutant) or Homo sapiens sapiens (regular human being) but the member of a completely different human species that has evolved biologically, culturally, and technologically over the course of six thousand years. Her people's advanced technology allows her to have superhuman abilities in the form of a special suit she wears; once the battery runs out, however, she'll be powerless. She was one of the few Children of the Vault to survive their initial encounter with the X-Men, however that initial incident creating animosity between the two powered super groups. Serafina's curiosity in particular leading to an interesting relationship with the X-Men member Cannonball whom she spent a simulated lifetime with as a partner. This was only a temporary situation but there is a slight tension between both characters. 


    Serafina was created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in X-Men Vol 2 (2006) alongside the rest of her team the Children of the Vault. Like her fellow Children of the vault Serafina, has Spanish influences, her alternative name Seraph Seraphim. 

    Major Story Arcs 


    Because of her affinity for machines (including the biological kind), she could disrupt machine and human senses, sneak into an X-Men facility undetected. Only Wolverine sensed that something was amiss. Serafina's suit had wiry tendrils coming out of it that allowed her to interface with technological as well as biological systems, such as when she plugged into Lady Mastermind in order to use Lady Mastermind's powers on Cannonball with far greater power and skill at her command than Lady Mastermind could ever summon naturally.

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    Serafina was first seen tracking Sabretooth, using her psychometric abilities, with Sangre for their evil plans. She was also able to enhance and use the powers of others at will, perhaps as a result of her innate ability to understand biological systems, which is what she did to Northstar and Aurora before she mind-controlled them into attacking the X-Men.

    She used a comatose Lady Mastermind's illusion-casting abilities to create a world in Cannonball's mind in which they were married and her name was Sarah. When she was discovered by Wolverine, she turned his adamantium skeleton against him, defeated Cannonball, and fled to rejoin her team.

    Later, when The Children of the Vault were attacking the X-Men (and winning, to boot...), Cannonball attempted to reach Serafina through the memories they shared in the world where they were married.

    When she told him that she had no real feelings for him at all, he grabbed her and drove her straight into the hull of the ship at full speed, which, as far as we know, killed her. Mike Carey, the writer of the issue, has said in an interview, however, that she may have been merely knocked out and she isn't dead for sure, in contrast to FuegoAguja, and Sangre, whom he implied were really dead. 

    Most recently Serafina was seen with the team of Children of the Vault who came to retrieve Luz, an escapee who had found shelter with Rogue and Magneto. Serafina along with her fellow Children of the Vault defeat the X-Men, opting to capture both Rogue, for her former crimes against the Children, and as per Serafina's suggestion Magneto, as she recognizes in him great power that may allow him to be used to sustain the Angelfire device - a device used to power the Children of the Vaults city. 

    Powers and Abilties  

    Serafina's powers are a combination of natural genetics and advanced technological amplification, much like her fellow Children of the Vault. She is a technopath, which essentially means she can control, talk to, communicate and manipulate machines. More than this though, with the cords and cables that can extend from designated ports into her body she can extend her consciousness, not just to machines, and computers, but systems as complex and organic as the human nervous system thus allowing her to manipulate living peoples memories and senses as easy as rewriting and erasing traditional computer data. Examples of her ability to modify and manipulate include using Lady Mastermind's powers to trick Cannonball into thinking that he had married and spent a life time with a women named Sarah, and temporarily turning Wolverine's adamantium into a more toxic version of itself (Adamantium nine) 

    Serafina is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is also an excellent tracker as well as being able to cloak herself and large groups of people. Often cloaking her entire team for stealth missions. She also has default super strength and the ability to see beyond the visual spectrum. 

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