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Sera was orphaned in Denerim, and has early memories of being from an Elven Alienage. She also vaguely remembers the Fifth Blight, and the Hero of Fereldan visiting to help oppose and eventually end it. At some point Sera was caught stealing, and she was taken in by nobility, the Lady Taraline Emmald. Although Sera got to experience new found stability, the experienced was soured for her, due to Lady Taraline Emmald's pride and deception. Some of her lies, caused Sera to even resent being herself, and an elf. Around this time, Sera would also become associated with the Friends of Red Jenny, a group of puckish rogues, who would resent and poke fun at nobility, and those who took themselves too seriously. After the Fifth Blight, Sera would eventually find rebelling against authority and elitism too difficult, even in Denerim and she would relocate to Val Royeaux, which had been relatively untouched by the Blight.

After a large rift was formed in the sky, the result of an explosion at Haven, Sera would seek out the Inquisition to join it. Sera is skilled with a bow and arrow, and despite her high skill, she is self trained.


Sera is a fictional character created for the Dragon Age franchise, first appearing in Dragon Age Inquisition. In that, she was voiced by Robyn Addison, and written by Lukas Kristjanson.

Character Evolution

Sera is extremely anti establishment, though, more in the elitism that can come with nobility, royalty and other kinds of authority, riches, and power. Most of this stems from how the little people, or poor and ordinary people, are often mistreated and abused by the arrogant and powerful. She is also mischievous, impulsive, and a bit cheeky, which can often come across as vulgar and rude. Sera does have an appreciation for stability and order however, she is no anarchist, and when the large breach in the veil opens, she volunteers to help in anyway she can. She also has apprehensions about the uncertainty and unpredictability of magic.

Sera tends to clash with Solas over the subject of elves, despite both being somewhat different to the general idea of elves. Sera and Blackwell share a similar sense of humor, which they come to use as common ground for friendship, and in much the same way, Sera can get on well with Dorian and Iron Bull despite one being a Mage from Tevinter and the other being a follower of the Qun.

Despite her distaste and dislike of nobility, politics and "The Game" Sera does seem to appreciate and admire Lady Josephine and Spymaster Leliani.

Powers and Abilities

Sera is especially adept with a bow and arrow, and contains several other skills, usually associated with a Rogue. Lock picking for example.


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