Character » Sera appears in 29 issues.

    A former warrior of Heven and Angela's lover.

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    Angela: Asgard's Assassin

    After learning about her true heritage, Angela was renounced by the Angels of Heven. Unwilling to join the Asgardian host, she set out to explore other realms. Upon learning that Odin and Frigga were blessed with another child, Angela returned to Asgardia to visit her family. She stole away the baby girl, and used a magical totem to teleport to another realm. She arrived in Limbo, the realm ruled by the mutant demoness known as Magik, with the Asgardian warriors, including Thor and the Warriors Three, hot on her trail. In Limbo, Sera was waiting for Angela. She'd been preparing another magical totem for their use. Angela handed Sera the baby, and set out to battle the Asgardians. Angela held off all the Asgardians, giving Sera the necessary time to prepare their escape. Once ready, Sera, Angela, and the baby teleported away to another realm: Midgard. They enjoyed a few brief moments of respite (and ice-cream) before the Asgardians were on them once again. The trio teleported away yet again, leaving a frustrated Thor screaming in their absence. They next arrived on Vanaheim, and found themselves in the presence of the Dark Elves. Angela battles the Elves, trying to keep them away from Sera and the baby. When a Dark Elf gets too close, Sera reveals her vast mystical abilities to him, and fends him off. The Dark Elves soon retreat, sensing that the Asgardian host is not far behind. With little time left to spare, Sera leads Angela to the ruins of a temple of love. Deep inside, Angela wades through a pool of molten lava. She is submerged, burned away, and made anew. Because of this, she is able to take with her a special suit made of a metal that protects the wearer from the all-seeing gaze of Heimdall. The suit also grants Angela a set of large wings, much like her Angelic kin.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sera's origin grants her a degree of enhanced durability, stamina, and invulnerability, as well as super strength and immortality. She is a capable fighter, and has proven herself as a master magician.


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