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    Currently going by Sepulchre, Jillian Woods was first known as Shadowoman.

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    While attending the University of San Francisco, Jillian met Doctor Druid who was lecturing at the school. After speaking they discovered that they had a psychic connection that had been in existence since the time of King Arthur's court. During that time Jillian had been a male alchemist who was in love with Doctor Druid who was a female at that time. Upon learning this the pair began dating and began investigating mystical artifacts. It was during one such time that she released a demon that killed her. Using the Bride of Slorioth, Doctor Druid bound a piece of Jillian's soul to her shadow and when she awoke he told her that her new powers came from the encounter with the demon. Taking on the name Shadowoman she joined Doctor Druid's Shock Troop along with the Living Mummy and James Scully.


    Jillian Woods was created by Mark Gruenwald and Grant Miehm, and her character first appeared in Quasar #45, April 1993.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Secret Defenders

    Shadowoman joined the Secret Defenders when Doctor Druid was put in charge of them. On her first mission, along with Deadpool and Luke Cage, the group sought to stop Malachi from obtaining the Moebius Stone. While on the mission Shadowoman was hit and should have died but didn't. After she was struck again she confronted Doctor Druid and wanted to know what he had done to her. He promised to tell her and put her back into the Bride of Slorioth. While inside she saw dark side of his soul and learned that he was responsible for her powers, not the demon that he had claimed. Emerging from the statue she was extremely angry and attacked him.

    Promising that he was about to send her, along with Cadaver, on a mission that would free them from their curses. It was on this mission that Jillian first took on the identity of Sepulchre. Dagger, Deathlok and Drax The Destroyer were to be their partners on this mission and joined them at the Gates to Perdition where they were to take on the demon Slorioth. After Doctor Druid left the Defenders ( Hulk, Namor and Silver Surfer) showed up to battle the Secret Defenders. Sepulchre battled the Silver Surfer but they were interrupted when the demon Slorioth attacked both groups. During the battle Joshua Pryce pulled Jillian and Cadaver aside to battle Doctor Druid who had been taken over by his dark side. Claiming that everything he had done had been for her, he attacked them and used the hold he had on her soul to make her dissolve away. Eventually Slorioth and Doctor Druid were defeated by the Living Tribunal and Vishanti. After the battle Jillian wanted to be left to die but Joshua Pryce brought her back to life saying, "Better to live, forever a Shadowoman... Than to die a Sepulchre!". After the battle Sepulchre and Cadaver decided to leave the super hero life behind them, telling Pryce "if the world ever needs saving... And all the good super-heroes are busy," they would be back.

    Thunderbolts - The Initiative

    Shadowoman recently redonned her costume to battle Venom and the Thunderbolts. Venom fell off a building and began to attack civilians so she was forced to attack him while on her way to a job interview. Unfortunately this means she directly violated the Super-Human Registration Act, as well as making Venom angry. Alongside the Steel Spider and the American Eagle, she made a heroic stand against the Thunderbolts. Finally arriving at her job interview in full costume, she accepted the job and told them to get her out of the United States.

    Powers and Abilities

    Shadowoman has control over the Darkforce which she could manipulate giving her the ability to fly, cast a shadow field, phase through or merge with the shadow.


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