Senzu Beans

    Object » Senzu Beans appears in 66 issues.

    Magical beans from the Dragon Ball Universe that are grown by Karin-Sama on the famous Karin Tower. These beans heal injuries and fatigue but also fill you up.

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    The Senzu beans are extremely efficient in curing a wound or an injured body when consumed. In the Trunks alternate future, it is stated that these beans are even capable of regrowing lost limbs. These beans can only heal physical wounds but CANNOT heal a person from diseases, when the beans had no effect on Goku who had a virus like-heart attack during the Android Saga storyline.

    These beans can also provide an instant energy to the user if consumed. Senzu beans can also grant it's consumer a full-stomach where the consumer are not required to eat anything in 10 days after consumed only ONE Senzu bean.

    These beans are only grown by Korin from the Senzu plant, the cat-like god who guards Korin Tower.


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