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    After ingesting an experimental super-soldier formula, the lowly Robert Reynolds became the Sentry, if only in his mind. In constant battle with his dark side known as the Void, the Sentry has been forgotten and dead, he has resurrected and vanished. Even if he is one of earth's greatest heroes, he is also one of the world's greatest dangers.

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    Current Events

    Sentry has recently been revived by the Apocalypse twins through the use of a Death Seed, which they obtained by killing a Celestial with Thor's enchanted axe, Jarnbjorn. The purpose of this was to create a new team of Horsemen, known as the Horsemen of Death, with the team consisting of Banshee, Grim Reaper, Daken and Sentry.

    Since the defeat of the twins, Sentry has been acting on his own as a cosmic protector of Earth. He is no longer under the influence of the Death Seed. Instead, he has been assisting people like Doctor Strange and finding his way back into the superhero community.


    Original Costume
    Original Costume

    In the year, 2000 Bob Reynolds, a seemingly normal man, suddenly recalls that he is the superhero known as the Sentry, the man with the power of one million exploding suns. Along with this recollection, he also realizes his arch-nemesis, the Void, is returning to the world. Reynolds immediately begins seeking out the rest of the world's most prominent superheroes to warn them of the coming threat.

    Various heroes' memories of Sentry are restored as Reynolds talks to them individually. Peter Parker had taken a photo of Sentry that had earned him a Pulitzer prize. Angel recalls flying alongside Sentry, to help overcome his fear of falling. Hulk had never forgotten Sentry, whom he only ever referred to as "Golden Man". Sentry had helped Hulk keep control of his rage; later, this was revealed to be a product of a calming aura the Sentry can give off, which helped the Hulk work to be a force solely for good and to gain public approval. The people eventually remember their own memories about the Sentry and his former sidekick, Scout. Most importantly, Mr. Fantastic remembers that he and Robert Reynolds had been best friends and that Sentry had often teamed up with the Fantastic Four to fight the world's greatest threats. Over time the general public slowly remember the Sentry and the good he had done for the world.

    During the course of an investigation into why the world had forgotten Sentry, Richards and Reynolds make a discovery: the Void and the Sentry are two parts of the same torn psyche. The reason the world forgot the Sentry was that Reynolds had used his power to erase the Sentry from the memory of everyone in the world, including his own, thus destroying the Void once and for all. With the heroes of the world united and waiting for the Void to come, Reynolds comes to the realization that he must make the sacrifice again. With the help of C.L.O.C., Sentry's computer assistant, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Strange, he once again erases the memory of Sentry from the world.


    Marvel promoted a limited series of The Sentry as the reappearance of a forgotten Stan Lee-created hero of the Marvel Silver Age. This story was, of course, fabricated, and further pushed by the comic magazine Wizard: Guide To Comics. The hoax involved a false discovery of lost sketches by artist Artie Rosen of a Stan Lee created superhero, predating the Fantastic Four.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Avengers

    Sentry with the New Avengers
    Sentry with the New Avengers

    In the first issue of New Avengers, Robert Reynolds is a prisoner of the Raft, a prison built specifically to house super-villains. He had voluntarily imprisoned himself for the murder of his wife, Lindy Reynolds. During a jailbreak at the Raft, Sentry turns and defends several of the Avengers from Carnage, who had already beaten several members to a standstill. Sentry easily overpowers Carnage, flies him to the edges of the atmosphere, and tears him in two.

    Taking a great interest in the now free Sentry, the Avengers begin investigating his dark persona. They soon realize that the Void is actually the result of a cerebral virus created by Mastermind. This virus damaged the Sentry's ability to remember any facts of his life. In a cry for help and an amazing show of power, Sentry transferred his memories into comic book writer Paul Jenkins, who transferred those memories into a popular comic book series. Emma Frost releases Sentry from the bonds of his virus, and he recalls much about his life, including that he never actually killed his wife and that his Watchtower stood atop Stark Tower, where he had subconsciously hidden it from public view.

    With his memory recovered, he joins with the Avengers and begins fighting alongside them.

    Destruction of The Void

    The Void , Angel of Death
    The Void , Angel of Death

    Returned to the world, the Sentry captures the hearts of the public. Newspapers begin referring to him as "the Golden Guardian of Good," as he was saving hundreds of lives on a daily basis. Reynolds' psychological problems, however, had worsened. Unable to reconcile that Robert Reynolds, the Sentry, and the Void were the same being, the Sentry contained the Void in a vault in the Watchtower. At C.L.O.C.'s urging, Reynolds' psychiatrist Dr. Cornelius Worth enters the vault and finds only a chair and a mirror. When Cornelius confronts Reynolds with this, Reynolds becomes confused and runs to the fairgrounds where he first gained his powers.

    Cornelius follows Reynolds to the fairgrounds where the Sentry and the Void had been fighting. The Void claimed that Reynolds transformed into the Void rather than the Sentry, and that the Sentry was merely a guilt-borne byproduct of that transformation. With only half of Robert Reynolds' memories (the Void possessing the other half), the Sentry isn't not sure the Void was wrong. The Sentry chases the Void away and then explains to Cornelius why Reynolds had hired him in the first place. Reynolds subconsciously wanted someone to reveal the Void's existence to the world so he would no longer have to hide that aspect of himself. The Sentry told Cornelius that he knew all along that the Void was never in the Watchtower's vault. He knew that if Reynolds believed the Void to be in the Watchtower, the Void would really be there. This kept the world safe from the Void for as long as the Sentry could keep up the charade.

    The Sentry then reveals the true way he gained his powers. He ingested a super soldier serum while his was a teenager, breaking into a lab to find new ways to experience a high. The Sentry then visited Dr. Strange to determine if he was real or not. Strange tricked the Sentry into traveling to his old Professor's research facility, and on an attempt to prevent any further destruction, the two men confined the Sentry in an illusionary realm in which he was a mental patient and superheroes didn't exist. The Sentry breaks free of the illusion and, after confronting the Professor, travels to Antarctica to confront the Void in order to discover what memories of Reynolds the Void has in his mind.

    In the Antarctic battle, the Void reveals that the serum Sentry ingested was actually super-saturated, an exponentially more potent super-soldier serum than what created Captain America. This was considered dangerous by SHIELD because Sentry's blood could be used to create enough serum to power the entire world population; several attempts had been made against both the Void and Sentry to kill him. Enraged by this news, the Sentry flies into space and hurls the Void into the sun, claiming that he was no longer needed to balance out the Sentry's acts of good. The Void swears to return.

    Civil War

    During the Superhuman Civil War, the Sentry sides with Iron Man's Pro-Registration program. He accompanies a S.H.I.E.L.D. squad to battle Wolverine and tells him that he didn't want to get involved but saw no choice; the Sentry claims that he has to stop the ugly business, even if that means becoming a part of it for a while. He then knocks Wolverine unconscious and hands him over to S.H.I.E.L.D. Later, the Sentry flies to the moon in an attempt to escape from a battle among the New Avengers, believing that every path he can choose will ultimately lead to the death of people he knows. There he is confronted by the Inhumans; believing him a threat, the Inhumans order him to follow them into Black Bolt's presence in the so-called "Blue Area" of the Moon. After a discussion of the Civil War events with the still unaware Inhumans, he rekindles his friendship with them and almost resumes his past relationship with Crystal. He is then confronted by Iron Man himself who finally convinces a still reluctant Sentry to join him. Stark tells the Sentry that his support will help Captain America, leader of the anti-Registration faction, to understand that the world is changing. Three days after the climactic battle of the Civil War, the Sentry publicly announces his support of the Registration Act. He is identified as one of the 142 registered superheroes of the Initiative.

    World War Hulk

    Unstable Sentry vs World War Hulk
    Unstable Sentry vs World War Hulk

    Sentry's Watchtower on the top of Stark Tower is destroyed when Hulk and Iron Man first fought in New York. Mr. Fantastic makes a machine that can duplicate the soothing aura Sentry uses to calm down Hulk, but the Hulk isn't fooled by it and overpowers Mr. Fantastic. All the while, Invisible Woman and the President try to call the real Sentry, but he ignores their pleas.

    After seeing Hulk on TV deciding to force Mister Fantastic to kill Iron Man in a gladiator battle, Sentry finally decides to fly to New York to stop Hulk, remarking that "it's time to play God." The Sentry arrives and engages the Hulk, starting to lose control and to unleashing his power on a level not seen before. So much energy is released during the battle that both the Hulk and Sentry reverted back to their normal human states, followed by Bruce Banner knocking Bob out with a single punch.

    Post-Civil War

    After the Civil War, Tony recruits Robert to the Mighty Avengers, the newest incarnation of the Avengers. He is described as the most powerful member, but is still inexperienced in using his powers. A battle against Ultron proves to be a draw until Ultron sends a virus to take down the Helicarrier before initiating an assassination of Sentry's wife.

    Enraged and looking like the Void persona, Robert attacks Ultron mercilessly until Ares has to knock him down and allow Ant-Man to introduce a virus in Ultron's programming, shutting her down. Sentry, however, refuses to relent in his attack on Ultron, to the point of nearly decapitating her while the virus has not yet been completely uploaded, forcing Ms. Marvel to knock him out. After Ultron's defeat, Sentry rushes to his watchtower to find his wife alive and well. Later, Tony is shocked and terrified by Lindy's request to either de-power or kill her husband.

    When the Mighty Avengers confront Doctor Doom for the Symbiote attack in New York, a time machine takes Iron Man, Doom, and Sentry back to the "Silver Age". Sentry goes to the Baxter Building to retrieve Mr. Fantastic's time machine in order to return to the present timeline. After knocking out the Thing, the trio returns to the present and resumes their fight. Sentry then subdues Doom and take him into SHIELD custody.

    Secret Invasion

    Sentry joins the Dark Avengers
    Sentry joins the Dark Avengers

    When the Mighty Avengers investigate a Skrull spaceship that crashed in the Savage Land, they discover that inside the ship are some of the superheroes that could have been replaced by Skrulls. When Sentry battles the Vision, he transforms into the Void who tells him that the invasion is his punishment for wiping his existence everyone's memory. Sentry panics and flees to Saturn in the middle of the battle, where he deals with his fractured mind. The Skrull believe that the Sentry was most powerful of Earth's heroes and that the only way to deal with him was to induce a mental breakdown. In an attempt to destroy his fragile mind, the Skrulls invade New York, attacking the watchtower where the Sentry's wife is living. When the Skrull is about to attack, Lindy is saved by Sentry in the form of the Void. He boasts to her that whatever the Sentry could not do, he could do as the Void. After the Invasion, Sentry is approached by Norman Osborn and they discuss Reynold's mental issues. Osborn tells the Sentry that the Void is just his imagination, and that he would help deal with these issues on the condition that the Sentry join the newest incarnation of Osborn's Avengers. Robert agreed, and became one of the first members of the Dark Avengers.

    Dark Reign

    Sentry beheading Morgan Le Fay
    Sentry beheading Morgan Le Fay

    The first mission of the Dark Avengers is to help Doctor Doom and the rest of Latveria from an attack by Morgan Le Fay. As the Dark Avengers and Sentry arrive in Latveria, they see Doom unconcious on the floor. When Morgan approaches, Osborn tells Sentry to unleash his powers to defeat her. Sentry easily rips off Morgan's head. Sentry then wonders if what he did was right or wrong, and Osborn assures him that what he did was right. The Dark Avengers seem successful in their first mission, as they defeat Morgan and save Latveria. Sentry starts to scream and there is an explosion. After it clears, Morgan Le Fay is seen alive and the Sentry is gone. After Morgan's eventual defeat, the Dark Avengers return to Avengers Tower. There is a brilliant flash of light as they arrive and the Sentry is seen alive and well, hovering in front of his tower. Norman manages to calm down the confused Sentry.

    The next time Osborn calls upon Reynolds, it is in response to an Atlantean terrorist cell's attack on U.S. soil. Reynolds is surprised when Osborn doesn't ask for the Sentry, but instead suggests that the Void is needed to kill all but one of the terrorists as an act of vengeance. Sentry counters that Osborn himself once said that the Void is not real, but Osborn only repeats his request for what needs to be done. As a result, the Sentry performs the bloody task, leaving doubts as to whether the Sentry was still in control, or if the Void had once again taken over.

    Sentry and the Dark Avengers go to San Francisco to quell the riots that are happening between humans and mutants. When the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men fight against the X-Men, Emma Frost enters Reynolds' mind and releases him from the Void's control, resulting in Sentry flying away from the battle. When Emma's hold over the Void's relinquished, it chases after Sentry but leaves behind a small part of itself within Emma, trapped inside of her diamond form.

    When Sentry makes his way to the Avengers Tower, his wife shoots him in the head with a ray gun. He is later seen arriving at the end of a battle between the Dark Avengers and Man-Thing in Louisiana. Sentry is then sent out to investigate an energy disturbance in a little town called Dinosaur, Colorado. Once there, he notices a man in a cowboy hat and tries to get his attention. Suddenly, his hand begins to glow black, almost as if on fire. Energy erupts from his eyes until he explodes. Osborn immediately assembles his Dark Avengers to find Reynolds.

    Sentry overpowering Molecule Man
    Sentry overpowering Molecule Man

    Sentry is again shown alive, in what appears to be a high school gym. On the ground, energy continues to emanate from him. He appears to be dissolving, leaving him in great pain. Molecule Man enters and explains how he has never experienced molecules like Sentry's, before ripping Reynolds to pieces. The Sentry appears to disintegrate, but later reforms once again and confronts Molecule Man. He is able to stop Reece, forcing the villain to restore everything to the way it was, before banishing him. Afterwards, he explains he has realized the source of his power was the ability control molecules. Again, Osborn and the Avengers find themselves both in awe and deeply afraid of his power. After witnessing his power, Ms. Marvel tells Osborn that Scarlet Witch's mental breakdown was nothing compared to what Sentry may do.

    Sentry once again seems to have escaped death when he appears behind Noh Varr claiming that Osborn needs to speak with him. A battle ensues in which Noh Varr begins to blast and throw cars at Sentry, to little effect. Sentry claims he doesn't want to fight, but that Osborn wants Noh Varr back "dead or alive". Noh Varr refuses to go to Osborn, claiming that the whole Dark Avengers team consists of criminals or the insane, to which Sentry responds that he himself is neither. Sentry is then blasted out of the sky by a girl using one of Noh Varr's weapons. He dodges the continuous assault of energy blasts and flies straight up through the clouds until a giant green explosion is seen from the ground. Sentry once again lands in the city and is soon joined by the rest of the Dark Avengers. When asked to find Noh Varr again, Sentry states that he used to have an aura which is no longer present, so he cannot.

    Eventually, it is revealed that Osborn was indeed able to awaken the Void inside of Sentry, which slowly attempted to take control of his body. Claiming to be the God, the Void was able to convince Reynolds to give up control of his Sentry form. Void then tries to cause massive chaos, but is reminded by Osborn that such actions could cause his own downfall, causing him to once again calm down.

    It later becomes clear that the Void was Osborn's secret weapon, which he used to evict Doom from the Cabal after his refusal to join them. Later, Sentry found out that his wife had committed suicide, although in reality Osborn had ordered Bullseye to kill her before Lester threw her out of the jet and into the ocean near Los Angeles.

    Siege of Asgard

    Death of Ares
    Death of Ares

    Osborn, deciding to cement his power base over America, chooses to attack Asgard under the guidance of Loki. As Osborn's secret weapon, Sentry is the first to attack the city and does battle with numerous Asgardians, including Thor. Ares becomes aware of Osborn's darker motives for attacking Asgard and turns on him. Osborn responds by sending the Sentry to defeat the War god; in the resulting fight, Sentry tears Ares in half.

    After the death of Ares, Captain America and the Avengers arrive and Osborn's armor is shut down by Iron Man. In a final effort to snatch victory, Osborn orders the Sentry to tear down Asgard around them. When Osborn is finally taken down by Captain America and the Avengers, he reveals that he was the only person keeping Sentry in check. It now seems that the Sentry has merged with the Void.

    The Avengers try to mount an offensive against the Sentry, but they are overwhelmed by his power. Loki, feeling responsible for all the destruction he had inadvertently caused, uses the Norn Stones to reenergize the Avengers. Recharged for battle, the Avengers take the battle directly to the Sentry. Seemingly off balance, the Sentry realizes that Loki is helping the Avengers and instantly kills Loki by ripping him in half. Having lost their edge, Iron Man commandeers a SHIELD Helicarrier present, turning it into a large bullet, and rams it into the Sentry. The resulting massive explosion succesfully incapacitates Sentry.

    Battered and beaten, the Sentry reverts back to Robert Reynolds and asks to be killed after realizing the damage he had caused. Thor is reluctant at first, and wants Reynolds to pay for his crimes. When the Void begins to regain control, however, Thor summons a bolt of lightning with Mjolnir and delivers one final blow, killing both Robert Reynolds and the Void. To honour his death, Thor takes the remains of the Sentry and destroys them by throwing them into the sun.

    Uncanny Avengers

    There is no Void within me
    There is no Void within me

    The Sentry later returns after being repurposed by the Apocalypse Twins to become a Horseman of Death. When Wolverine's crew of Uncanny Avengers eventually discover the Twin's hideout, The Sentry makes a beeline for Thor. The only person able to tell the assault was coming is Wolverine, whose heightened hearing picked up the sonic-boom the Sentry created when he began flying towards them. Moving too quickly for Wolverine to warn the team, Sentry succesfully tackles Thor and removes him from the field of battle, flying him through across the reaches of space in a few instants. After temporarily incapacitating him, Sentry explains that he isn't angry at Thor for what he did, instead saying that he understands Thor's rage at the Void murdering Loki during the Siege on Asgard. The Sentry goes on to make references to a "mutant rapture" and tells Thor he won't kill him because he needs him alive, stating that it's "better for humanity". Confused, Thor asks him if The Void has taken control of him, to which the Sentry replies that the Void is no longer present in his psyche, and has been replaced by Death itself.

    Sentry defeats Thor with relative ease and returns to guard the Tachyon Dam where he encounters the Wasp. She desperately tries battling the Sentry only to be to saved by the return of Thor. Both are soon overwhelmed by the new Sentry before Janet using her abilities to cause an earthworm to devour Robert. After the defeat of the Twins, Sentry is released from their control. When the Avengers Unity Squads' consciousness' return to them from the Planet X timeline to stop Exitar the Executioner from destroying the earth, Thor and Wasp convince Sentry to help them. He stops one of the Celestial's feet single-handedly, and leaves the planet with the body of the dead Celestial, offering to dump it at the edges of the universe.. before he leaves he tells Janet how he was happy to be an Avenger again and warns her to prepare for the wrath of the Celestials. He has not been sighted since.

    Marvel Legacy

    The Sentry has recently returned, being cured of the Apocalypse seed supposedly by Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is said to have assisted Robert Reynolds's in getting rid of not only his schizophrenia, but also the Void itself. When Doctor Strange loses the title of Sorcerer Supreme to Asgardian God Loki, Robert is asked to assist Doctor Strange in invading Asgard and finding Loki.

    Afterwards, it is found out that the Void has been released. The Sentry, Doctor Strange and Loki successfully lock the Void back into the Sanctum Sanctorum. However, in the end the Sentry warns Doctor Strange to not contact him again for not being truthful about the Void's presence in the beginning.

    Sentry World

    The Sentry proceeded to wander among the stars, trying to find a way to die. He was found by Doctor Strange, to whom Rob begged to be killed, but the Sorcerer Supreme didn't know how he could manage to do that.[56] Instead, Strange helped Robert find peace by locking him within his own mindscape, curing him of Apocalypse's influence in the process. Following the loss of the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki, Strange sought Rob's help and brought him back from the confinements of his own mind in order to help him invade Asgardia to take a portion of the World Tree's mystical power to be used against Loki. At the Kamar-Taj, the Sentry assisted Strange and became subject to a ritual that passed onto him the physical toll that Strange would've taken for every spell cast during his fight against Loki, which had little effect on him due to his superhuman physiology. Robert returned to New York to help the former and current Sorcerers Supreme against the Void, who had been released by Strange to take Loki down. After locking the Void back at the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Sentry confronted Strange for releasing the Void and, disappointed by his actions, Bob warned Stephen to never contact him again.

    Using a device called the Confluctor, Bob gained the ability to access the pocket universe Doctor Strange had set up inside his mind. In this "Sentry World," Bob could freely act as the Sentry, without risking the Void manifesting in the real world. By day, he trudged through a mundane life as Bob Reynolds, and each night he used the Confluctor to become the Sentry and fight crime with the Sentry Family: Scout, Sentress and Watchdog. In order to keep the Void at bay, Bob needed to return to Sentry World once every 24 hours. After returning from the Sentry World, Bob discovered that the Confluctor had been stolen, and that someone had entered the Sentry World and killed Scout. Discovering that the real Billy Turner was behind this, wanting to take his place as the Sentry with help from Cranio - an old enemy of the Sentry's - Reynolds snapped, merged with the Void to become a dark version of the Sentry, killed Billy, and then flew off into space after a brief confrontation with the Avengers.Annihilation

    Struggling to understand his new state of self, the Sentry returned to Earth to ponder about it. While meditating, he unintentionally started to warp reality around himself, engulfing the entire town of Pawhuska in a field of bad energy that attacked whoever entered it both physically (through monsters) and mentally (through vivid illusions). Said energy was eventually detected by Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda, who went on to investigate it. With the help of his fellow agents, Fat Cobra was able to purge the evil energy from the Sentry's body and dispose of it. Ashamed by his own actions, the Sentry fled.

    Soon after, the Sentry went after Mister Fantastic and begged him to set him free of the Void forever. After extensive tests, Richards discovered there was no way to separate the Sentry from the Void under the laws of their universe, so he sent him to the Negative Zone in the hopes that he would succeed there. Upon soaking up the negative cosmic rays, the Sentry separated from the Void but was left in the powerless form of Bob Reynolds, unable to transform into his superhero alter ego. The Void fled, stranding Bob in the Negative Zone until the Silver Surfer found him weeks later and merged with him in order to defeat the Void, who became the apparent leader of the Cancerverse forces in the meantime and was leading an invasion through the Negative Zone.

    After Reed Richards opened a portal to assemble the galaxy's greatest heroes against the Cancerverse, a group of heroes held the Void still so the Silver Surfer could merge Bob Reynolds to him again. They hoped that Bob would call off the invasion once in control, but that wasn't possible as the Void wasn't truly the Cancerverse's leader and it was now hellbent on getting Nova back to the fold. With no other option, Nova attracted the Cancerverse's infection back to the tear it was coming from and swallowed it whole. The merged Sentry then killed Nova, thus ending the scourge and closing the rift. While all the other heroes returned to the Positive Zone, the Sentry remained behind to watch over the universe he almost killed.

    King In Black

    In light of the impending invasion of Earth by Knull - the primordial god of darkness who had created the symbiotes - the Sentry, restored to his original form, was recalled to Earth by the Avengers, who told Knull that they would watch his demise. Killing one of the symbiote-controlled Celestials, the Sentry grabbed Knull and attempted to fly him into orbit and rip him in half as he once had Carnage. Instead, Knull reversed their positions and ripped the Sentry apart before assimilating the Void into himself.

    After his death, Sentry became a ghost inhabiting Earth's orbit. He had a conversation with the Valkyrie Jane Foster about everything he had lived through until his death at the hands of Knull. As they made their way to Valhalla, in Realm Between they encountered a headless Celestial who was corrupted after his death at the hands of the King in Black using All-Black, the Celestial intended to assimilate Sentry. Despite attempts to stop him, the Celestial succeeded.

    Brunhilde, Ivanir and Dani Moonstar performed a ritual that severed the headless celestial's connection to Knull's All-Black, and Jane convinced the Celestial to release the souls it had imprisoned by setting them free. Sentry finally feeling complete was whole and ready to move on to the afterlife.


    The Sentry was a hero resurrected as a revenant for The Blasphemy Cartel. In this form, Sentry was powered by a million ghosts. The cartel saved him as their secret weapon. After their other revenants were taken out by Doctor Strange and Clea, they released Sentry after them. He proved to strong for them until Clea cast a spell combing the two of them into one being. They exorcised the ghosts from Sentry causing a massive explosion destroying the cartel's headquarters and seemingly killing all cartel members.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power of a Million Exploding Suns
    Power of a Million Exploding Suns

    Since his inception, the Sentry has proven himself to be one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He has personally estimated the high level of his overall power by often stating that he has the "power of a million exploding suns." Spider-Man stated that Sentry fought Galactus to a standstill, although this is a hotly debated subject due to Spider-Man's penchant for satire and hyperbole. It was later revealed that this feat was not done alone as Sentry stalemated the world eater with the help of X-Man, Nate Grey, at one of his highest points in power.

    Superhuman Strength: His strength has enabled him to overpower beings such as Ares, the Olympian God of War with ease; destroy Asgard by flying through the foundation; easily defeat Terrax, a creation and former Herald of Galactus, and break his axe, and engage and fight to a draw an enraged Hulk whose power levels had increased beyond anything seen before. He has also been able to destroy the shields of Doctor Doom, beat down the female version of Ultron, and physically tear apart Carnage in a single move. He also has traded punches with the likes of Thor, Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man, Blue Marvel and the Thing, among others.

    Superhuman Speed: Sentry possesses exceedingly high-level super-speed. This allows him to perform such feats as catching a bullet in his hand and flying from the Earth to the Sun and back in a matter of minutes. In Uncanny Avengers , Sentry's speed was such that his strikes against Thor were bending "space and time" with their velocity, according to the narration. In the same issue, we see him cover many dozens of light years in a few seconds, a formidable feat of speed.

    Superhuman Senses: It has been observed that Sentry has extremely heightened senses. His hearing allows him to hear a butterfly sneeze in Africa, while he himself is in a crowded bar in New York. Later, in the Philippines, Sentry is able to hear Norman Osborn calling to him from New York. He was also able to see microscopic red particles surrounding Red Ronin, which evaded even Iron Man's sensors.

    Invulnerability/Regeneration: Sentry is one of the few superhumans to be considered invincible. Other than his fragile mind, S.H.I.E.L.D. and even Iron Man have not been able to find any other areas of physical vulnerability. After his execution by Thor, Sentry spent an undefined period of time in the sun, burning down to an atom and reviving back endlessly until pulled out by the Apocalypse Twins. After having his head torn apart by Thor's Mjolnir in a surprise attack, Sentry simply reconstructed it within seconds. This invulnerability makes the Sentry, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

    Phasing/Intagible: Sentry has shown ability to phase through objects.

    Invisibility: Sentry can turn invisible by deflecting light and radiant emissions.

    Telepathy: According to Emma Frost, Sentry is one of the most powerful telepaths on earth. He once wiped the memory of his existence from every person on the planet. Most of Sentry's mental abilities are used to maintain his physical form.

    Resurrection: Under extreme emotional distress, Sentry can resurrect another being from death. This was first manifested when Sentry brought his wife back to life by just his touch. Originally, he was not even aware that he had this ability, and was shocked that he was capable of doing it. Sentry has not gained full control over this power, however.

    Shapeshifting: As Void he has shown ability to shape shift and change his own size.

    Empathy: Sentry has the ability to emit a wave of radiation that can calm the Hulk down.

    Matter Manipulation: After being blown apart by the witch Morgan Le Fay, Sentry later reformed at Avengers Tower under his own power. He was again thought to have been killed when his wife shot him with one of Noh-Varr's weapons, and twice was seemingly destroyed by Molecule Man. After his last apparent death at the hands of Molecule Man, Sentry came back with the realization that he could also control all forms of matter to a molecular level, much like Owen Reece. Following the revelation, the Sentry was able to use his power to beat Molecule Man with ease and then teleport him to an unknown location. The Sentry under the Apocalypse Deathseed has also been shown to construct rather large sand golems to attack a full sized Wasp, further showing off his matter manipulation abilities.

    Telekinesis: As a horseman of death, he gained the ability to move object with his mind, being able to halt Thor's Mjolnir hurled at him only inches away from his face.

    Healing: The Sentry has shown that he has the ability to heal others. One example would be when he was able to heal his therapist daughter who was suffering from a catatonic state and had major spine issues during his second volume. The Sentry seems reluctant to use this ability, because according to him, he doesn't want to be seen as God. It is unknown what the true limits of this ability are.

    During the Civil War, Spider-Man and a group of SHIELD agents ranked Sentry as the most powerful of all Earth's heroes, with the Hulk ranked as second and Black Bolt ranked as third after losing to the Hulk (though it should be noted that at this time Thor was dead, so he didn't have a place on the list). While this arbitrary ranking is at best debatable (particularly given the events of World War Hulk), the Sentry is nevertheless one of the most powerful meta-humans on the planet and has even been called a "living H-Bomb" by Norman Osborn.

    In one instance he projected the Void as an entirely separate entity, a giant monster. This may suggest some form of light manipulation and the creation of hard-light constructs, but should more likely be attributed to his control over matter.

    It is commonly believed that the Void has a larger variety of powers and is more powerful than the Sentry himself. However this is not true. The Sentry has defeated the Void on more than one occasion by pure physical force, displaying either a greater power level or a pure will that eclipses the Void's. Since the Void and Sentry are one and the same it could also be presumed that the Sentry shares the same powers that the Void does. With the reason Sentry is not using them is due to him restrainting on himself (whether it is his agoraphobia) or out of a decision to just not to use them. Since the "death" of the Void, Sentry is more stable, and displays greater power without its influence, also empowered by the Death Seed.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies

    Earth-2149 Zombieverse
    Earth-2149 Zombieverse

    The infection started with an attack by an zombie version of Sentry from an alternate universe. He began eating those who were ascending into heaven until Ash confronted him and shot him in the face using his shotgun. Unfazed, Sentry punched Ash so hard that he ripped through the fabric of reality, sucking both Ash and Sentry into the Earth-2149 universe. Warped into New York City, Sentry started looking for food. His first victims were the Avengers consisting of Colonel America, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel, the first heroes at the scene of the crash site. Within a short time, the virus had reached almost every superhuman in the world. What happens to this Sentry after the world is consumed is unknown, but he may have opened another hole in the fabric of reality and escaped.

    Later another man called Robert Reynolds, a powerless version from Earth 2149, appears as one of the few survivors alongside the acolytes. Black Panther, another uninfected hero, gives him the Wasp's head and tells him to be cautious or else he could be bitten. Years later an older version of Bob returns to earth in Marvel Zombies 2. Wasp appears, as well, on a suit designed by Bob which would later be used by Hawkeye.

    When the Marvel Zombies attack the Hulk, he reverts to Bruce Banner and is put under analysis by Bob. It is later revealed that Robert and Forge used the body of T'Challa's son to host Colonel America's brain. This causes an attack on both by Black Panther, but he is stopped by the new Colonel, who almost killed him before being stopped by Bob. When the zombies return, the heroes, now with zombie Spider-Man and zombie Luke Cage on their side, fight the zombies in order to prevent them from entering the space ship where the last humans remain.

    While repairing Luke and Spidey's injuries, Bob kisses Wasp and tells her how he truly feels about her. To the other heroes' surprise, Wasp's feelings are similar.

    While on watch, Bob is attacked by the zombie Bruce Banner who had somehow managed to escape from his prison. The attack makes Bob to accidentally open the force field, but he eventually escapes. The zombies realize their hunger is gone, but this revelation is soon interrupted by an attack from zombie Hulk, who attempts to feed on the humans. Though his fellow zombies try to convince him to stop, Hulk doesn't listen and a fight begins once again. Though the zombies fight valiantly, Hulk starts to gain the upper hand and kills Firelord, Iron Man, Phoenix, and Hawkeye.

    After their deaths, Bob arrives and sacrifices himself to the Hulk. Black Panther tries to stop him, but Bob says that it's the only way to stop Hulk, and that he has no reason to live anymore since he believes Wasp was killed by Goliath. After devouring Bob, the zombie Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner who asks for the others kill him. The zombies agree in order to avoid another attack on the humans. Goliath is seen with the remains of Wasp, only a head now, and asks for her forgiveness. Wasp answers by saying that Bob was the greatest man she ever knew and that he cared for everyone equally. Goliath answers "You always knew how to make me feel small."

    Earth-58163: House of M

    Sentry is seen in therapy with Dr. Strange as his therapist. He talks about a dream of darkness, the Void, engulfing him and Strange asks how he feels about the dream.

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Universe

    The Sentry of Earth-1610 was revealed not to be a person, but rather a SHIELD telescope that was used for detailed imaging within our Solar System. During Ultimate Extinction it takes several images of Gah Lak Tus as he passes by Jupiter.

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Zombie Sentry of the Age of Apocalypse is a member of The Black Legion, a team serving as the bodyguards of Apocalypse's successor, Wolverine.

    What If...? #200

    In this alternate What if...?, Aries stands up to Norman Osborn days before Siege, and Norman has Sentry kill him there and then. This gives Sentry time to regain his power before the fight at Asgard. This leads to Sentry having enough power to kill the Avengers and anyone who stands in his way. Doctor Doom tries to counter Sentry by using Emma Frost to prove to him that Bullseye killed his wife under orders from Norman. But instead of just turning on Norman, this act releases the Void from inside Sentry, and the Void kills Norman before taking over the rest of the world.

    Marvel Team Up Vol 3 # 15 (Reality - 6215)

    No Caption Provided

    In this alternate reality a powerful nemesis called Chronok came to Earth and killed its heroes. One of the heroes killed by Chronok was Sentry.

    What If? Planet Hulk # 1 (Reality 7121)

    In this alternate reality, instead of Caiera , Hulk is the one who dies on Sakaar. Caiera angered on Hulk's death comes to Earth for revenge. She however, goes to the moon first, defeat and using Black Bolt as her weapon. When she landed on Earth, she was opposed by a group of heroes, Sentry being one of them, all of whom were defeated by a massive scream from Black Bolt.

    What If? Secret Invasion # 1 (Reality 10021)

    Sentry and Thor have a massive fight in this reality, Sentry using his speed is getting the upper hand on Thor throughout the fight before Thor finally grabs Sentry's neck, breaks it killing Sentry in the process.

    What If World War Hulk # 1 (Earth 10223)

    No Caption Provided

    In this reality Tony Stark is forced to fire the satellite over New York , the energy from the Satellite, combines with the energy from Sentry and Hulk causing a giant explosion killing everyone in process and leaving the planet radioactive for years.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Sentry in Ultimate Alliance 2
    Sentry in Ultimate Alliance 2
    • The Sentry appears in the Nintendo DS version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.
    • The Sentry appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.
    • The Sentry appears in Marvel Puzzle Quest.
    • The Sentry appears in Lego Marvel's The Avengers.

    Merchandise Done

    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Diamond Collectibles released a Sentry Minimate as part of a two-pack with Luke Cage.
    • Diamond Collectibles also released a Sentry statue as part of their New Avengers collection.
    • The Sentry was featured in the HeroClix figure game twice.
    • Eaglemoss produced a Sentry figurine.
    • Toy Biz released a Marvel Legends Sentry figure as a Wal-Mart exclusive. It was part of the Giant-Man Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro released a Sentry figure for Marvel Universe line that came in a two-pack with Spider-Man.
    • Hasbro released a Marvel Legends Sentry figure for Odin Build-A-Figure wave.
    • An updated Marvel Legends figure of Sentry was later released by Hasbro as a Walgreens exclusive.

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