Sentry #459

    Character » Sentry #459 appears in 69 issues.

    One of the army of robot Intergalactic Kree Sentries. Sentry #459 was Captain Marvel's first nemesis on Earth.

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    Sentry #459 first appeared when it attacked The Fantastic Four while they were on holiday. Defeated by The FF The Sentry was left damaged and switched off. Months later it was discovered by divers in the South Pacific and transported to The Cape in Florida where it was kept for observation under command of General Bridges. Against the wishes of The Cape's Head of Security Carol Danvers, the General showed the android to the robotics expert Walter Lawson. Seeing the opportunity to destroy his rival Captain Mar-Vell, Colonel Yon-Rogg activated the Sentry from aboard The Helion and thus began Mar-Vell's road to becoming a hero on Earth.


    The Sentry #459 is a hulking android created by Kree in eon past. It is programmed to destroy any who stand in its awesome path. He had a programmed task of devastation.

    Its built-in sensors can detect if some person is Kree or human.

    In all the millenia of their existence, no sentry has ever before attacked a Kree.

    It has even grown in size due, no doubt, to Kree android's ability to adapt their physical size to meet varying conditions.

    Besides, therefore destroyed by Fantastic Four, Sentry #459 is being executing a self-repairing programme using its almost invulnerable circuits duplicating themselves.


    Sentry #459 was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1967.


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