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    The Sentinels of Justice were a superhero team from the AC Universe.

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    Sentinels of Justice is a fictional organization of superheroes. The comic was published by Americomics (AKA AC Comics) in 1983 during a very brief time that AC was able to license the Charlton Comics superheroes before the rights were purchased outright by DC Comics. The team consisted of Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, the Question and Nightshade. This line-up's one and only appearance was in Americomics Special #1 (August 1983).


    AC Comics editor and head writer Bill Black had been making plans for a superhero team to be named the Sentinels of Justice when he was contacted by Charlton Comics with a request that AC provide material for the Charlton Bullseye comic book. The team concept was quickly revised, with a roster of Charlton characters. Bullseye was cancelled before the story could be published, but AC was granted a limited license to publish the material already prepared for Charlton.

    After AC received news that the series was cancelled Bill Black returned to his original plan for a team made up of existing Americomics characters Captain Paragon, Nightveil, Stardust, Commando D, and Scarlet Scorpion. A house ad for the revamped Sentinels team appeared on the back cover of the only published adventure of the team of Charlton characters.

    A relaunch of the team took place in Femforce #59 with members being from The Vault of Heroes project.


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